Operating for over 10 years, Clear Brew are experienced and professional beer line cleaners that understand beer, it’s what we do and all we do. Our trained technicians are well versed in the processes involved in growing, brewing, delivery and the dispense of both keg and cask products and ultimately how those products should be served and enjoyed by customers throughout the UK. Not ones wanting to question Shakespeare’s wisdom, Clear Brew are confident that ‘ale’ served as a result of a visit from one of their technicians is fit for both King and Queen.


Beer Line Cleaning

One of the most important but disliked roles for all those in control of cellars, is the cleaning of beer lines. Traditional methods mean it is both time consuming and wasteful hence the reason why many establishments bypass or neglect the task. At Clear Brew we have developed a process that reduces costs, saves time, whilst leaving the end product of the highest quality, meaning you will not lose customers as a result of the the beer not tasting as good as it should.

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We only source market leading industry strength products to carry out our services and for those looking to buy direct from us they can do so in the knowledge that we use our extensive buying power to supply mainstream cleaning products at competitive prices.

Franchise Opportunities

Clear Brew have been operating from their head office in Cornwall for over a decade and have been steadily increasing their national growth by offering a number of franchise opportunities to the right individuals. In providing a regular dedicated beer line cleaning service to the licensed trade, including; public houses, social clubs, sports clubs, holiday parks, hotels and anywhere that has a traditional, licensed bar, we are accessing a vast and varied marketplace that has demonstrated its need for a service such as this.


Here at Clear Brew we pride ourselves on our testimonials, as they are the formal forms of expression that support our concept. They form part of our relationship building journey and an integral part of making sure we remain the UK’s number 1 independent beer line cleaning operator.

Our Yacht Club has used the Clear Brew line cleaning system for six months and have been very pleased with the service and quality of beer we are able to provide our membership.  Initially we had doubts about a 3 week line cleaning regime but have been surprised to note that the taste of the beers and lagers are the same on day 20 as they are on day 1.  This reduced cleaning has allowed us to save on staff time, product wastage and to reduce our environmental footprint

Paul Reidy

Yacht Club

The regular Cleaning of draught lines at RBG PLC sites can be a challenge. Maintaining consistently clean lines to maximise Quality tasting Beers & yields along with reducing any wastage through fobbing or unclean lines throughout all our many sites was the aim.

There were many good proven quality line cleaning chemicals available but it was always going to be down to us to actually use the product and line clean . The concern was there would still be same inconsistency if we just simply changed the ‘chemical’ being used. Staff changes, holidays etc were another factor in deciding an independent specialist cleaning company with a proven chemical to do the line cleans was needed.

Clear Brew fitted our requirements and their business model, of having each technician responsible for their own business, meant each technician who visits our establishments takes personal responsibility for the level of service they provide. They have demonstrated professionalism in the beer line cleaning process and enabled us as a Group to make significant savings whilst also taking away the headache of organising our own staff to ensure the cleans are carried out to a high standard”.

Revolution Bar Group

Revolution Bar Group

We have been listed in the Good Beer Guide for all of our 24 years ownership at the Uplawmoor Hotel, East Renfrewshire.
I must admit to having been very sceptical about maintaining our beer quality using an external company. Jim at Clear Brew has diligently looked after things at the hotel on a set 3 weekly visit pattern and our regular customers were not aware of any change of procedures behind the scenes during or since the changeover period in 2014. I am pleased to say our Real Ale sales are still going very well and we continue to be listed in the Camra Good Beer Guide.

Stuart Peacock

Hotel Proprietor, East Renfrewshire