3 tips for a successful summer season at your venue

The summer season is here which for many means bustling bars and beer gardens brimming with happy customers! Of course, we understand that this busy time can bring extra pressure and we are ready to help ensure your business continues to operate smoothly throughout. Find just a few of our top tips to help you successfully navigate the summer season below.

1.     Set a strong routine

It’s important to remain organised and implement strong bar/cellar routines to keep everything running smoothly. Carrying out tasks such as cleaning the cellar, removing any rubbish or items that shouldn’t be there, and checking the correct cellar temperature is being maintained all help to keep the cellar and beer in top condition. In addition to looking after your cellar, it is crucial to carry out simple tasks to keep your bar in top condition. Ensuring your glasses and nozzles are maintained correctly will not only keep them hygienic, but it will also help to make sure the beer you serve tastes and looks just as it should.

2.     Maintain high standards

Ensuring all areas of your bar and cellar meet top hygiene standards is crucial throughout the busy season. An inadequate glasswash routine not only affects hygiene, but it could also impact the appearance and taste of drinks. Complete is a glasswash that is specially formulated to ensure glasses are always in pristine condition without the need to renovate. Quash Glass Pre-Treatment System is a unique patented method for the pre-wash removal of grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of all types of glassware. Including these products in your routine will help you to maintain high standards throughout the summer season.

3.     Better beer, better business

The beer lines should be cleaned on a regular basis as part of the cellar routine. Although lines are traditionally cleaned inhouse on a weekly basis, we provide a fully managed line cleaning service which operates on an extended frequency. So, how do we do this? Our beer line cleaning process involves a specialised machine that uses no electricity or propellant gas. This, combined with our inhibitor technology and market-leading line cleaning solution, means that we clean on a 3-weekly cycle and ultimately provide a service that will reduce waste and save your venue money. The Clear Brew App can then be used to keep track of the line cleans and any cellar issues reported by your Clear Brew technician.

For further assistance with staying organised this summer, check out our FREE Bar to Cellar Summer Checklist and make sure you have the essentials in place!

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