3 tips for running a pub efficiently

Operating a pub has its fair share of challenges, but by sustaining a steady rhythm and operating efficiently, it can be a highly rewarding industry to be part of. Here are a few top tips you help you run your pub as efficiently as possible.

1.     Create a strong team

The value of a strong team should never be underestimated. Having knowledgeable and friendly team members representing your establishment is crucial. If you are looking to enhance the skills of your team, you may benefit from introducing training sessions. Of course, some areas of running a pub are specialist, and you may find it more efficient to outsource these tasks. For example, by outsourcing your beer line cleaning to Clear Brew you will not only benefit from our expert team, but also the significant savings we can make you. Ultimately, it’s important to have a strong, knowledgeable team, but it’s also vital to know when it’s better to involve specialists.

2.     Set a solid routine

To-do: Get into the habit of carrying out regular cellar to bar checks. By setting a solid routine and carrying out regular checks on certain aspects of your bar, you could find it operates far more efficiently. For example, carrying out a few basic cellar checks at the start of each day can help save money. The cellar cooler should be run continuously as turning it off is actually a false economy. The units use a lot more energy to get the cellar back to the correct running temperature and are placed on constant unnecessary strain. To keep it running efficiently, it is important to check that the blades of the fan and grills are not blocked as this can increase running costs. Although the cellar should be vented for 10 minutes in the morning, keeping the cellar door shut will help protect the equipment and ensure the correct temperature is maintained. Coolers have to work hard when there are differentiations in temperatures, which can add to your energy costs.

To keep your pub running efficiently, it’s also a good idea to get into the routine of stocking up on quality cellar to bar products. Our Complete Glasswash Detergent contains Renovate, meaning you can save time and money by eliminating the extra renovate process. Visit our online store to view our full range of quality cellar to bar products.

3.     Stay up to date

It’s important to ensure your commercial appliances are operating efficiently. Eventually, you may find they need to be updated. Replacing older appliances can help to reduce waste and save money in the long run. We have a great range of ice machines, glasswashers and dishwashers for those looking to update their appliances.

New appliances may not always be necessary and can be made more efficient by simply replacing parts. For example, commercial refrigeration seals are often neglected and, over time, can crack or lose their purpose. It is also important to note that the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit may easily rise by 25% if the door or drawer seals are defective. Using a commercial fridge door seal replacement service, such as ourselves, to measure, supply, and fit new seals, will prevent energy being unnecessarily wasted.

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