3 Ways to Reassure Customers Post Lockdown

For many people lockdown brought uncertainty and confusion. As lockdown begins to lift it has become more crucial than ever to reassure customers and let them know it is safe to return to venues such as bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants. Here are 3 ways in which operators can draw attention to the safety measures they have put in place.

1. Social Media Channels
The vast world of social media can be great for reaching customers and relaying messages. A combination of words and imagery can be used to demonstrate to customers that operators are implementing precautions such as social distancing, advanced cleaning regimes or PPE.

2. TripAdvisor
Establishments in the hospitality industry are being encouraged to utilise the new ‘Travel Safe’ tool that launched last month. Operators are able to showcase any safety measures that are in place and also link it back to any safety information featured on the website.

3. Signs and Public Advertising
Creating informative signs demonstrates to customers that safety measures have been considered and are in place. Contacting media outlets and creating an article regarding the safety measures implemented post lockdown can be a great way of getting the message heard.

Although Covid-19 and lockdown have brought difficulties for many, the safety features operators have gone the extra mile to implement are a real step forward. Here at Clear Brew we have worked hard to ensure our technicians are able to wear correct PPE, maintain social distancing with a contactless entry and exit and supplied with hand sanitiser whilst carrying out beer line clean. Whether it’s extra cleaning, PPE or social distancing, these measures should be relayed to the public and used to ensure they feel more comfortable about post lockdown life.

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