5 essential products for your bar

Did you know that dirty glasses can have a negative impact on the drink being served? Did you know that using strong disinfectants to clean the cellar will spoil the taste of your beer? Keeping your cellar and bar in top condition is crucial, but it’s also important to ensure that you are using the right products. If you would like some guidance when it comes to getting the right products for your bar, then this is the article for you! Here we explore 5 products that are essential for any pub, club, restaurant or hotel with a bar and cellar…

1   The Complete solution for your glassware

Our Complete Glasswash Detergent & Rinseaid pack is one of our most popular products. It is specially formulated for constant use and ensures glasses are always in pristine condition without the need to Renovate.

The glasswash detergent and rinseaid work together to keep the glasses clean, dry and ensure no protein build ups occur, that normally need an additional Renovate process to remove them.

“A great product, results on glassware been good with no problems or marks. It keeps the machine really clean, I can see the difference and it saves me time.” Paul, The Albion, Wakefield

2   Don’t allow lipstick stains to let your glasses down

Introducing the Quash Starter Pack Lipstick Remover! The Quash® System is a unique patented method for the pre wash removal of grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of all types of glassware. It’s safe, non-hazardous, simple and hygienic to use.

Quash® should be used as part of your regular glass washing practice.

Pack contents:

1 x Applicator 4 x Sponges 2 x 1L bottles of Quash® Concentrate 1 x Measuring cup.

To use, simply twist the upturned glass in a solution filled foam pad and the glass is ready for washing in the normal way. The foam pad also comes with its own applicator tray, which sits neatly next to the wash up area. This makes it simple and convenient to integrate into normal washing procedures.

3  Make your cellar sparkle

If dirt builds up in the cellar, it can become a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. Regularly cleaning the area and using products such as our Cellar Wall & Floor Cleaner helps to keep it hygienic. This product is an alkali detergent and is specifically formulated for the rapid removal of all types of organic soiling.

4  Pay attention to detail in the cellar

Have you tried our Cellar Hygiene Spray? This is a fragrance free, ready to use sanitiser spray. It can be used on all keg and cask equipment. For example if yeast builds up on the keg coupler, it is important to remove it and this can easily be achieved with the Cellar Hygiene Spray.

It is in fact safe and approved to use on all surfaces that come into contact with food, beverage and dairy products.

If you require a fast drying and effective sanitiser spray, then this is the one for you. Simply spray on and leave to dry, no need to rinse or wipe clean.

5   The ultimate nozzle cleaning kit

One area that is often neglected in any beer dispense system is the nozzles. Although it’s common practice to soak nozzles in soda water overnight, this is not necessarily best practice as it does not have any cleaning effect.

How can you care for your nozzles? Our Sparkler Cleaning Kit effectively and safely cleans nozzles, ultimately helping you maintain the perfect serve.

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