6 advantages of franchising

What is franchising?

6 advantages of franchising

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Perhaps you are looking for a career change, or maybe it’s just time to knock the 9-5 on the head. Either way, you are realising that being your own boss is the right path for you. Starting a business from scratch can be daunting. It often entails taking huge risks and hours of work building a brand. So, how can you be your own boss without having to build a business from the ground up? This is where franchising comes in.

What is franchising?

A franchise allows you to be your own boss while sitting, protected under the umbrella of an established brand with great support. Although each franchise model is different, we believe it’s important to offer all our franchisees comprehensive training, all the tools they need to get started and ongoing support. Take our franchise quiz to discover if it’s the right direction for you.

6 advantages of franchising

1.     Be your own boss

As we were discussing before, being your own boss is often a distant dream with many deeming it too risky. With franchising, you buy into an established brand with training and support at your fingertips.

2.     All the support you need

Getting started can be tough and require high levels of support. With franchising, you will often find you receive all the support you need and more. We believe that ongoing support is just as important as the initial training. Here at Clear Brew, our team are available to provide support and advice throughout your franchising journey.

3.     Benefit from an established brand

The power of an established brand with an existing audience should not be underestimated. Being surrounded by a network of franchisees operating the same business model is not only useful when seeking advice, but it is also a real advantage when you are trying to build your customer base.

4.     Low level risk

We briefly touched on how starting a business from scratch can be risky and time consuming. Becoming a franchisee means that you are investing in a tried and tested business model. You are ultimately able to witness the success of that business model first hand prior to investing and therefore eliminate a large proportion of the risk.

5.     No industry experience? Not a problem

Although it’s great to be familiar with the industry you are entering into, it is not necessarily crucial when it comes to franchising. You will gain all the knowledge and training you need from experts in the field.

6.     Live the life you desire

Once the business is established, you will find yourself reaping the rewards of being your own boss. Whether you are looking to spend more time with your family or want to take up a new hobby, franchising often allows you to prioritise what is important to you. While some find that the franchise they have chosen only requires them to work certain hours, others choose to build the business, hire employees, and ultimately free up more of their time.

Clear Brew franchise opportunities

We pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading independent beer line cleaning professionals and have been successfully operating for over a decade. Our cohort consists of a central office team based in Cornwall and a network of over 50 franchisees nationwide. We are ultimately looking to achieve complete national coverage and are offering a limited number of franchise opportunities—to the right individuals—to make this happen.

By choosing Clear Brew, you will become your own boss, running a highly successful franchise within your own protected territory. As part of the package, you will receive comprehensive training, a full equipment pack and ongoing support.

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