7 Tips to help you when reopening your Holiday Park bar after the winter months closure

Many holiday park bars are closed or wound down during the quieter winter months. Re-opening the bar to the waiting public involves more than just opening the doors, especially if you want the bar to look enticing for the new set of customers. Here, Clear Brew, the professional beer line cleaners give you some top tips on how to get your bar ready for the new season.


  1. Clear the shelves of all products, wipe and dust the glass shelves. In a world of transparency and Tripadvisor! attention to small detail is imperative.


  1. Whilst the shelves are clear use the opportunity to check sell by dates on all products and clean glassware using a liquid renovate. Dry the glassware before replacing on the cleaned shelving units.


  1. Apply some drain cleaner to all drains that haven’t been used for a while, you’ll be surprised how many nasties can gather and create unwelcome odours in and around the bar.


  1. Ensure the ice machine and all the equipment used to dispense ice has undergone a professional clean.


  1. Remove and sanitise all nozzles using chemical sanitiser tablets in a labelled cleaning tub, avoid using a glass. Simply soaking your nozzles in soda water will not suffice, as soda water is just water with a few bubbles added.


  1. Ensure all beer lines are cleaned by someone with experience in this task. Lines placed in water during the closed period can still house unsavoury bio-films which can adversely impact upon dispense quality. Holiday parks traditionally use seasonal staff so they may be best advised to seek the services of a professional line cleaning company such as Clear Brew.


  1. Ensure all cellar coolers are functional and maintaining a cellar temperature of between 11-13 degrees centigrade.


Following these top tips will help make sure you’re ready to welcome all to your holiday park this season!

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