Additional Services

  • Decommission and Recommission Service

    Whether you’re closing your bar for a refurbishment, a short break or re-opening a bar you’ve just taken over, Clear Brew have got you covered with our professional Decommission / Recommission service. Using our unique equipment and chemicals, we can close any bar ensuring the lines are clean and protected, eliminating the risk of tainting, or damaging the lines which can happen when they are left in air or water. We are also able to recommission bars, ensuring the lines are ready to serve your products at the highest standard.

  • Free Cellar Management Training

    Clear Brew offer training to promote best practice to keep your cellar and bar in the best condition possible. With free training, our knowledgeable technicians will demonstrate to staff the dos and don’ts when it comes to maintaining your cellar, glasses, products and ice machines.

  • Water & Fruit Taint Removal

    At Clear Brew, we understand the difference between a “bad pint” as well as the taste of a perfect pint. It’s important to act fast to resolve issues before complaints are received by customers. Clear Brew offer a service to fix this. Using our specialised chemicals, we can remove water taints and fruit taints from the beer lines, we are able to get the beer tasting better than ever.

  • One Off Deep Cleans

    Our one off deep clean service is a perfect way for us to get any bar to the very best standards. With our unique equipment and technology, Clear Brew are able to deep clean your dispense system. Depending on the conditions of the lines, we are able to use a variety of techniques to remove all build-up of biofilms, allowing the product to flow through pristine lines and giving your customers drinking satisfaction.

  • Carlsberg CDQS 6 Weekly Fully Managed Cleans

    Did you know that Clear Brew can save you even more money if you have a Carlsberg CDQS system already installed by extending your line cleans to a 6-weekly cycle? (Subject to survey). Contact our team to find out more.


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