Back to basics: key points to consider when it comes to beer line cleaning

The importance of beer line cleaning

Beer line cleaning needs to be carried out on a regular basis to sustain the quality of the beer. Failing to carry out regular line cleans can result in fobbing, poor tasting beer and damage to the venue’s reputation. With this in mind, we have highlighted key points to consider when it comes to looking after your dispense system.

Top factors to consider when beer line cleaning 

  1. Chemical – Using a quality beer line cleaner is crucial for maintaining the lines. Here at Clear Brew, we use a potassium-based beer line cleaner which is highly effective in the removal of bio-films and the maintenance of dispense systems. It is also far safer and more efficient than cheaper, commonly used caustic-based line cleaner.
  2. Consistency – Line cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis. Traditionally, beer line cleaning is carried out on a weekly basis. This however can be a very time-consuming way of doing it and result in the unnecessary waste of resources such as chemical and water. Our beer line cleaning process involves a specialised machine that uses no electricity or propellant gas. This, combined with our inhibitor technology and market-leading line cleaning solution, allows us to clean on a 3-weekly cycle and ultimately provide a service that saves our customers money and reduces waste (in addition to of course saving time).
  3. Professional standards – Serving quality beer time and time again is key for customer retention. In order to protect the quality of the beer, the lines need to be maintained properly. Factors such as temporary or seasonal staff can contribute to making this easier said than done. With Clear Brew, you can rest assured that your professional technician will consistently carry out each clean to the highest standard and top-quality beer is ready to be served. In addition to this, our expert technicians act as an extra pair of eyes in the cellar, ensuring professional standards are met throughout.

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