Be your own boss in 2019

A new year is upon us and that means dragging yourself out of bed and getting back on the work treadmill, where you continue to take instruction, have little input and therefore lack motivation.  These are just some of the things the workforce is faced with when being fully employed.

These are perhaps some of the reasons why more than 600,000 new businesses started up in 2018. Unfortunately, the success rate of these start-ups is very low, statistics show that less than 20% of these will still be operating in three years’ time. Many of those wishing to be their own boss choose to go down the safer route by purchasing an established business model in the shape of a franchise. Many franchises do however have barriers to entry, the most prominent being the high-level entry costs, especially for those well-established brands. Other low-cost entry models are often yet to establish themselves within the market place and can often be as risky a prospect as starting out on your own.

One franchise that breaks the mould is Clear Brew, the professional beer line cleaning company. Established since 2006 and successfully franchising since 2012, the UK’s number 1 independent beer line cleaners is affordable at only £17,500. In just 5 years it has signed up 41 franchisees, who operate from down in Cornwall all the way up to the Highlands in Scotland. Its current list of franchisees come from all walks of life and industry backgrounds, however the one thing they have in common is their desire to be their own boss. Each of their current franchisees have their own unique reason why they decided to go it alone but the reasons why they chose to follow the Clear Brew franchise route can generally placed under the following headings.

Quick Startup

Investing in a Clear Brew franchise comes with benefits that enable you to hit the ground running. Extensive inhouse training and all the equipment and materials required to carry out your very own cleans, mean you can start immediately.

Market Recognition

Clear Brew is generally recognised as the UK’s number 1 independent beer line cleaning company. It has an established brand within the market place, has page 1 listing on google search engines and many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Guidance and Support

When your start-up is a Clear Brew franchise, you have the benefit of calling on the experience of all franchise owners and other franchisees in your area to help you navigate your way through some of the hurdles you may come across. Clear Brew head office emphasise, from the outset, that their success comes from helping you succeed, and they provide both technical and administrative support to facilitate this.


Clear Brew’s entry level (£17,500) and low monthly commissions (only chargeable after you have been operating for three months) enables you to enter in a substantial market place within a large geographical region.

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