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Tired of pouring away pints of beer during your weekly line clean? Worried your profits will be severely impacted? Perhaps the weekly line clean is taking up too much of your time? These are all valid concerns to have, however it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how the Clear Brew beer line cleaning service can help you make those all-important savings.

Save time

We understand the weekly beer line clean can take precious time out of your day. We know that you want to be focussing your efforts on other tasks, particularly during the busier seasons. Of course, the weekly line clean might not be your responsibility and has possibly been assigned to members of the bar team or the manager. This however not only takes time away from other important tasks that they could be doing, but it also means that time will be used up training team members or even temporary/seasonal staff.

What if we said these problems could be eliminated? Here at Clear Brew, we offer a fully managed beer line cleaning service. Our nationwide team of expert technicians will take the task of beer line cleaning off your hands and make sure your dispense system is well maintained. Here is a quick overview of a typical day for our team…

It’s often an early start for our techs! We want to make sure that your business is not affected by the beer line clean and arrange a time outside of opening hours to carry it out. This often means that the day starts early for our technicians, and they will hit the road at dawn (armed with a cup of coffee of course!)

Once we have arrived on site we can prep for the clean. We bring all equipment, including chemical, so you can rest assured that nothing is stored on site. After the van is unloaded, we can set up our ‘beer line cleaning in progress’ safety sign at the bar and, armed with all our PPE, make our way to the cellar.

Our specialist equipment is then connected up ready for the cleaning process to begin. The system is flushed with water before 3 soaks are carried out using our unique market-leading chemical. While this part of the process is taking place, we take the time to inspect the cellar equipment and check the coolers are working correctly. We also ensure the couplers and sockets are cleaned.

Lastly, the lines are flushed with water to remove all traces of chemical. The beer lines are now ready to put back to beer ready for service. All the information from the clean, including supporting photos, any issues, and general notes, are uploaded to the Clear Brew app.

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Reduce waste

The weekly line clean poses yet another potentially detrimental issue: waste. The torturous task of pouring pints of beer down the drain each week is enough to make anyone cry. On top of this, litres of water are being used to fill the torpedo each week, increasing your carbon footprint and creating bills you could do without. So, how can we help? By cleaning your lines on a 3-week cycle instead of weekly, your beer and water waste are cut by 66% each. To help give you more of an understanding of how we do this without compromising on quality, here is an overview of the Clear Brew process…

We maintain dispense quality across both keg and cask lines on an extended frequency. Our beer line cleaning system comprises of a specialised water-fed mixing unit that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and market-leading line cleaning solution. This results in a service that will improve the quality of your draught products, reduce waste, and ultimately save you money.

Save money

As we briefly mentioned above, it’s not just waste that is reduced by cleaning on a 3-week cycle, you will also be saving money. Costs involved in beer line cleaning include:

  • Line cleaning solution
  • Water
  • Ullage/waste beer
  • Labour
  • Equipment
  • Gas

This quickly adds up and the weekly clean often ends up being a costly, labour-intensive burden. By using the Clear Brew beer line cleaning professionals, you will ultimately save money. Cleaning on an extended frequency not only reduces water and beer waste but it also helps to keep the pounds in your pocket. Our expert technicians will arrive armed with all the line cleaning solution and equipment that is required, so you don’t have to worry about buying it in. Gas isn’t needed to carry out the clean and, to top it all off, our service is labour inclusive meaning that you and your team can focus on doing what you do best!


We are proud to be able to help thousands of licensed venues across the country improve dispense quality, reduce waste, and save money. To find out more about how much you could potentially save by using the Clear Brew service, make sure you check out our savings calculator!



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