Behind the scenes: how to prepare your bar for Christmas

From joyous Christmas parties to a few friends simply gathering for a beer, the festive season is a busy time for the hospitality industry.

Alongside prepping the front of house area and adorning the space with a touch of Christmas magic, it is important to be organised behind the scenes. Here are some of our top tips for preparing your bar and cellar for Christmas.

1.  Implement a good bar/cellar routine

Carrying out daily bar and cellar checks can help to keep your venue running smoothly. Performing tasks such as cleaning the cellar, removing any rubbish or items that shouldn’t be there, and checking the correct cellar temperature is being maintained all help to keep the cellar and beer in top condition. In addition to this, the beer lines should be cleaned on a regular basis. Although lines are traditionally cleaned weekly, the Clear Brew beer line cleaning process involves specialised equipment that ultimately allows us to clean on a 3-weekly cycle. You can also use our app to keep track of cleans and any cellar issues reported by your Clear Brew technician. Ensuring you have a well-structured routine in place now will help you to keep on top of everything when your venue gets busy.

In addition to looking after your cellar, it is crucial to carry out simple tasks to keep your bar in top condition. Ensuring your glasses and nozzles are maintained correctly will not only keep them hygienic, but it will also help to make sure the beer you serve tastes and looks just as it should.

2.  Cleanliness is key

Ensuring all areas of your bar and cellar meet top hygiene standards is crucial throughout the busy season ahead. As part of the cellar maintenance, the space should be cleared of any rubbish and food. A Cellar Floor & Wall Cleaner can then be used to remove organic soiling.

One area that is often neglected of any beer dispense system is the nozzles. Most people soak these in soda water overnight which doesn’t have any cleaning effect. Investing in a Sparkler Cleaning Kit is a great way to effectively and safely clean font nozzles, sparklers, creamers, and fixed nozzles.

Checking that the keg couplers do not have a build-up of yeast will help to protect the quality of the beer. Should the keg couplers require cleaning, a Keg Coupler Brush can be used alongside Cellar Hygiene Spray to remove any yeast.

An inadequate glasswash routine not only affects hygiene, but it could also impact the appearance and taste of drinks. Complete is a glasswash that is specially formulated to ensure glasses are always in pristine condition without the need to renovate. Including these products in your routine now will help to keep on track and maintain high standards throughout the festive period.

3.  Check all warewashing equipment

The last thing you need is crucial appliances failing you during the busy Christmas period, so it’s important to check them and have reliable warewashing products and ice machines in place. Ensuring they are also running efficiently can help save money.

To help you stay organised, we have designed a FREE BAR TO CELLAR CHRISTMAS CHECKLIST which you can download and refer back to.

For more information on any of our top tips for preparing your bar for Christmas, contact us today!

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