Better Beer, Better Business

When former barrister Tim Caswell, met midwife Pat Wood in 2010, they started trading antiques online to raise enough money to start a new business together. The future entrepreneurs, merged with each other, five years later, by getting married; and invested in Clear Brew, which is an ecologically friendly system for cleaning and maintaining beer lines in licenced premises.

Pat said: “When Tim told me that we were going to spend our honeymoon in pubs, clubs, hotels and a holiday camp in Cornwall, where Clear Brew is based, I did not realise he meant down in the cellar. Our method of cleaning saves the licensee time, energy and money.
“We can save the average pub three thousand pounds a year after they have paid for the service we provide. We are so confident that we offer the first clean free and there is no contract.”

Clear Brew started in Cornwall in 2006 and now has over six hundred hotels, public houses, clubs and hotels as customers throughout the United Kingdom. Tim and Pat have both worked in the industry and say they bring excellent customer service skills to a modern business idea that hopes to save customers money at a time when margins are being squeezed in the licenced trade.

Clear Brew Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes started trading on August 1 this year and Tim and Pat say it is already outperforming its business plan. The couple are confident that the business will expand in 2016 creating new jobs in the process.
One of their first customers was Bedford Rowing Club, which commented: “Clear Brew improved the quality of our beer while saving us time and money.”

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