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Must-haves for your bar & restaurant this summer

Picture this: The sun is shining, your bar is bustling with thirsty customers and refreshing pints are ready to be...

Beer line cleaning doesn’t have to come at a cost – here’s how Clear Brew can help you save

Save time Reduce waste Save money Savings calculator Tired of pouring away pints of beer during your weekly line clean?...

5 essential products for your bar

Did you know that dirty glasses can have a negative impact on the drink being served? Did you know that...

3 ways to give your bar a little extra TLC this spring

Maintaining your cellar and bar 3 ways to give your bar a little extra TLC Further support Maintaining your cellar...

6 advantages of franchising

What is franchising? 6 advantages of franchising Clear Brew franchise opportunities Further information Perhaps you are looking for a career...

New year, new start: 3 tips to help you take your career to the next level

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? Taking the next step in your career 3 top tips to help with...

Fed up with your daily routine? Here’s how to improve your work/life balance in 2024

It’s time to make a change The importance of addressing your work/life balance How to start making changes in your...

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer! Top tips for a successful festive season at your venue

The festive season is here – let’s celebrate! Communication is key Stay organised and set a strong routine Maintain high...

Get your bar ready for Christmas parties with our 6-point checklist

Christmas is on the horizon and the festive parties are commencing! If you are hosting events or parties this year,...

Q&A: giving you the answers to your franchising queries

Thinking of investing in a franchise? Of course, there is a lot to consider before you take the plunge. To...