Celebrating our 50th Franchisee

Wow, 2012 seems like only yesterday when Clear Brew took on its first franchisee and is now celebrating sending out its 50th franchisee, Russ Goodwin, who will be covering the Croydon and Sutton region.

So, what has changed during this period? The foundations on which the model and service are based are very much the same. The line cleaning is still carried out to very high standards, the inhibitor and machine fed technology has had a few tweaks but in essence it still allows technicians to professionally clean beer lines whilst reducing waste, saving money and improving dispense quality. The industry leading chemicals are still indicating clean effectiveness and the business owners, who use it in a variety of establishments, are still maintaining the high standards they achieved during their training schedules.

Russ Goodwin, who will be covering the Croydon and Sutton region.

Whilst the high level of service has remained the same, there have been a significant of changes behind the scenes. We have been busy recruiting new business owners and are now in a position to comfortably offer our services to all corners of the UK. We are about to launch a new visiting app that will allow both our customers and business owners access to current data and visit reports for the venues they serve. Not to be left behind in the social media stakes, we now actively stay in touch with the market place via all the well known social media platforms, we hasten to add we are not all experts in the office, so use the services or our very own social media guru, Layla! Our accounting systems have improved, and we now encourage all franchise to sign up to accounting software, enabling the group to standardise invoicing whilst also ensuring customers are provided with accurate records for their own bookkeeping procedures. The head office has grown significantly and now occupies a three-story building in the centre of Falmouth, where we continue to carry out inhouse and on the job training for new franchisees.

During this period, the line cleaning culture within the industry has also changed. Gone is the notion that there is only one way to clean the lines in order to maintain quality, as proven by many of the Clear Brew customers. It has also led to the introduction of many automated line cleaning systems which come with a long-term high price tag and also require input from the proprietor. Clear Brew continue to combat increasing amounts of competition by relying on professionalism, line cleaning expertise, industry knowledge and the constant desire to keep improving what they do, in order to benefit the customer.

During the 8-year franchising period, we have held three off site conferences and continue to communicate internally as a group, to ensure we try and improve how we best serve our customer base. A customer base that it is continuing to grow and has amongst it some major hotel groups, pub groups, social and sports clubs and many other venues that serve beer during dispense systems.

We thank all of our customers for continuing to believe in what we do and wish Russ success, as he is about to go on the journey of supplying the Croydon and Sutton region, top quality beer line cleaning services.

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