Why choose Clear Brew as your professional beer line cleaners?

You’ll read all over the website about why you should choose Clear Brew as your professional beer line cleaners, why you should clean your beer lines and what it’ll do for you. But we are realists, and we realise that many people don’t want, nor do they have time, to read every page on a website. So we thought we’d give you a little summary here about why you should choose Clear Brew.

For almost a decade, Stephen Trezona has been running things from his Cornwall base, plying his trade before entering the world of franchising out the company all over the UK. It didn’t start with branches all over the country though, it started in 2006 when Stephen started cleaning beer lines in Cornwall. Six years later he sold his first franchise to Alan Chick in Taunton. From then, the business has gone from strength to strength and in just under three years the company has grown from one franchisee into 18.

Each franchisee learns the intricate details of beer line cleaning on a tailor made training course  before offering their services to their area, with the process offering a number of benefits; cost savings, an eco-led approach, taking the work off your hands and a very professional approach!

Cost Savings

The service that Clear Brew offers is so efficient that it pays for itself. Wastage can be reduced by two-thirds and the process uses seventy per cent less water, chemicals and no propellant gas. All this leads to a potential savings of sixty per cent.

There are no contracts or minimum terms that need to be served, which keeps the Clear Brew line cleaners constantly on their toes and at their best!

Green Policy

Clear Brew are always looking at ways to lessen their carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment. How is this achieved?

  • 100% recycled paper used
  • Effective route planning
  • 70% less water & chemicals used
  • No propellant gas
  • Machinery is eco-friendly and 100% energy efficient
  • Chemicals are non-caustic & alkaline based
  • Our inhibitors are a natural energy source
  • Methods reduce wastage by up to 66%

Using a professional beer line cleaner will free you from the weekly rigmarole of cleaning your beer lines and because of all the cuts in wastage and the efficiency of the job, it pays for itself.

One of the main aims will be to provide the perfect pint all the time, every time and Clear Brew can help you achieve this.

Because we’re so confident in the services we provide, we offer a free initial clean. There’s no obligation to join us before or after the clean, it’s on us.

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