Choosing a Brexit free franchise model

R Young Oct 2018

Taking a step towards owning your own business is a significant one and one that needs a considerable amount of thought especially with the uncertainty facing businesses in the wake of current Brexit negotiations. Trade tariffs and reduced market opportunities is certainly something that will need consideration when making a choice.

The Clear Brew beer line cleaning franchise model operates within a significantly sized market sector that will be relatively unaffected by any of the changes Brexit may bring. Its current database of national clients includes, pubs, hotels, sports and social clubs, bowling alleys and cinemas and has been growing steadily since its franchise inception in 2012 (the actual service has been in operation since 2006).

Increased strain on employment within the sector may also lead to reduced staff numbers and reduced time for them to carry out some of the duties that are critical for the smooth running and quality assurance aspects in beer dispensing at these outlets, hence the increased demand for out sourcing to specialised services. The Clear Brew model is designed to help these venues save money and avoid staffing issues whilst guaranteeing the dispense quality of the beer. In view of this, it is no surprise to find it has gone from strength to strength and now operates on a national basis and provides its services to a number of renowned pub chain operators.

It provides its franchisees all the tools and training to start their business from day one. This includes accounting software and an entire package of business guides to help those who are new to running their own business and unsure about the administration aspects of doing so. On a technical level, the off-site training provides both classroom and practical application of the cleaning process and can be taken up by anyone without any prior knowledge of the beer line cleaning process. More importantly it has a network of current franchisees more than willing to pass on their knowledge and offer ongoing support to all new and existing franchise members. Their head office is on hand to supply marketing advice and has a centralised marketing presence that distributes leads to its network whilst continuing to advertise the virtues of having such a service.

Going from employee to business owner needs financial consideration so the regions allocated by Clear Brew, allow for the franchisee to operate successfully as a sole operator or extend their business by taking on staff and in doing so building up their enterprise to a significant level. You may also want to consider your current personal situation. What time, family and individual commitments do you need to accommodate? The Clear Brew model allows you the flexibility to determine the number of hours per week you wish to commit to and in doing so affords you the chance to get the work/life balance that suits you.

At an affordable entry level of just £17,500 + vat, it really a viable and proven means of starting up a business that can ignore the direct impact Brexit will have on the UK’s business world. For your information pack and franchisee testimonials visit

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