Clear Brew beer line cleaners given thumbs up from major UK pub group.

Clear Brew professional beer line cleaners and their Franchise owners have been given a huge thumbs up for the quality of the service they provide to major UK pub group, Revolution Bars. The Revolution Bar Group is continuing to grow and Clear Brew are delighted to be part of that growth, as they assist them in ensuring they reduce waste, improve quality and save money, whilst carrying out the arduous group task of cleaning the beer lines for each establishment across the UK.

Stephen Trezona, MD, is delighted with the response, especially as it validates everything he has always enthused about when promoting the benefits of the service. “We have numerous individual testimonials that praise the quality of the repeat service but this is especially great for the network of franchise owners we have, as it demonstrates how, as a group, we can cover the entire UK using our eco-friendly, standardised and effective cleaning methods. The testimonial clearly highlights some of the challenges faced by these larger groups, so we are more than happy to have been of assistance in assisting them in addressing these issues in a cost effective and professional manner. I am very proud of all the franchisees involved and look forward to branching the service out to other groups.”


The regular Cleaning of draught lines at RBG PLC sites can be a challenge. Maintaining consistently clean lines to maximise Quality tasting Beers & yields along with reducing any wastage through fobbing or unclean lines throughout all our many sites was the aim.

There were many good proven quality line cleaning chemicals available but it was always going to be down to us to actually use the product and line clean . The concern was there would still be same inconsistency if we just simply changed the ‘chemical’ being used. Staff changes, holidays etc were another factor in deciding an independent specialist cleaning company with a proven chemical  to do the line cleans was needed.

Clear Brew fitted our requirements and their business model, of having each technician responsible for their own business, meant each technician who visits our establishments takes personal responsibility for the level of service they provide. They have demonstrated professionalism in the beer line cleaning process and enabled us as a Group to make significant savings whilst also taking away the headache of organising our own staff to ensure the cleans are carried out to a high standard”.

Revolution/De Cuba Bars Group

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