Clear Brew Beer Line Cleaning Focuses on Customer Service

The beer line cleaning industry is experiencing a number of changes, especially as those who operate dispense systems are offered a number of alternatives of carrying out the onerous task themselves. Clear Brew, professional line cleaners, not only ensure they maintain dispense quality but also like to differentiate themselves by offering first class customer service in doing so. As we are all aware, it is very easy to pay lip service to the concept of customer service but often hard to deliver. That is why they stick to old fashioned principles in that they believe that the human elements of customer service are what really defines good customer service.

Their franchise business model is set up so that their regional divisions are owner operated, meaning that they micro-manage all aspects of the service they provide. A key element of this service is ensuring that they take the time to establish their customers’ expectations and in doing so making sure they fulfil these. They build strong and lasting relationships with their customers, working alongside them to maintain dispense quality whilst also being on hand to assist with any cellar management issues they may be experiencing.

Unlike many companies, your point of contact will be the technician who visits your venue. As a client, you can rely upon them to turn up on time and carry out the task in a professional and responsible manner and in doing so, take away the worry of having to clean the lines yourself or having to train someone else to do it.

They do not wish to retain your loyalty in a false way by tying you into long term contracts. If in the unlikely event you are unhappy with the service, you can pull out at any stage, as they do not insist upon any contracts and to prove there are no strings attached and they are confident in what they do, they provide you with a free clean, in order for you to witness for yourself just how professional and effective the cleaning process is.

It really is a modern day company using modern day techniques but using the customer service levels many of us only reminisce about.

Visit to arrange for a meeting with your very own technician and the opportunity to book your FREE clean.

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