Clear Brew’s Methods for Cleaning Dirty Beer Lines

Clear Brew’s Methods for Cleaning Dirty Beer Lines

AUGUST 2018 R Young

How many clients are lost due to beer having a poor taste, bad aroma or just an off looking cloudy appearance. Much of this is immediately attributed to dirty beer lines which can come about because of neglect, or poor techniques being used in the cleaning process. In developing their three weekly cleaning cycle, using a hybrid system of technology and manual input, Clear Brew aim to eradicate those nasties that prevent beer tasting as it should do. The most common of these are:


Yeast:  Yeast is one of the major components of beer and helps give it its unique taste however its build up in lines can have a damming effect on its taste. Once exposed to air, yeast build up can clog lines, collect in couplers, tarnish taps and invade dispense nozzles, all components that can lead to fobbing and poor tasting beer. This build up can often start by the mere presence of small yeast particles but like garden weeds, quickly grow uncontrollably.

Bacteria: Although the bacteria found in beer is not significantly hazardous to human health, beer spoiling bacteria can ruin a beers taste, affect the appearance and leave a pungent, unattractive aroma, all elements that can affect dispense quality and ultimately lead to dissatisfied clients.

Mould: Mould presence will not only affect the taste of draught beers, it can also be hazardous to health. Usually black or brown in colour and not unlike the mould found in many shower corners up and down the country, it enters the beer system through exposure to the air and can affect untreated couplers, nozzles and taps.

Beer Stone: During the brewing process calcium and oxalic acids or salts are combined and at cold temperatures, can result in the production of Calcium Oxalate deposits, known as beer stone. Not unlike the hard water scale that develops in kettles and shower heads, beer stone provides a haven for nasties like microorganisms to hide and depending on the scale of the problem can result in large volumes of wastage due to contaminated beer.

Clear Brews Technicians:

  • Do use effective line cleaning chemicals. Clear Brew use trade strength potassium based purple beer line cleaning solution. This intelligent alkaline beer line cleaner has a built-in solution status indicator which changes colour if the line is dirty, when it remains purple you can be confident that your line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free.
  • Use Technology. Clear Brew recognise that manual input alone is not enough to completely eradicate some of the issues yeast build up can bring, so they utilise tried and tested inhibitors which are strategically attached to the beer lines. These ensure yeast particles are kept buoyant within the beer system and in doing so reduce the chances of yeast sticking to the inside of beer lines which in turn reduces bio film and bacteria build up.
  • Save Wastage: Ineffective cleaning can lead to fobbing issues resulting in full drip trays and large volumes of wastage. Clear Brews effective three weekly cycle not only reduces the waste associated with reduced interval cleaning but their labour inclusive service is designed to provide consistency on every clean, minimise waste, maximise yields and take away the stress on having to train in house or carry out the cleans yourself.
  • Clean All Elements of the Beer System: Clear Brew pride themselves on ensuring the beer you serve tastes as it should do. On each visit they pay attention to all those elements and areas which are vulnerable to those variables that can affect the dispense quality of your beer. They carefully clean couplers, clean and advise on nozzle cleanliness and point out any cellar issues that may have an adverse impact on the beer line system, e.g. cellar temperature.
  • Have Experience: Clear Brew are a national company who, to evidence the effectiveness of their service, have a plethora of testimonials from major pub chains, freehouses and CAMRA award winning pubs. They advise not leaving your line cleaning to chance, it is very difficult to pull back disgruntled clients who have experienced poor tasting or badly smelling beer, so if you’re not comfortable in doing it yourself or just find it a time consuming chore, call the experts.

Experts at Clear Brew can ensure that your beer system is properly cleaned and maintained to ensure the dispense quality of your beer is maintained, whilst saving you wastage and helping you to maximise your yields. They ask for no contracts and are so confident in their ability to offer a viable alternative to your current processes, they will carry out a free clean so you can witness its effectiveness for yourself.


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