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The challenge for many marketeers is ensuring the message they try to convey is backed up by the service delivery. Whilst sales representatives extol the virtues of the product or the service they are offering, there is no better way to promote its effectiveness than by word of mouth or testimonials. The Clear Brew team have spent many hours visiting various establishments, promoting the effectiveness of the service they offer. Clear Brew are delighted to receive this review, especially as it came from a client who was initially skeptical about using the service.

“When I first came across Clear Brew at a local trade show I had a chat with them and reluctantly agreed to allow them to come and do a free initial clean of my lines – what did I have to lose? I have always looked after cellar management myself and to say I was very uncertain about a system that claimed to be able to clean every 3 weeks and could save me money, well put it this way – I was cynical to say the least! Our local rep duly arrived and did his initial clean, fitting yeast inhibitors to our pipework at the same time. When our quote arrived and detailed the savings to be made I was amazed at how much I wouldn’t be throwing away every week, not to mention the saving of my own time. I decided to go ahead, again, no contract so what’s to lose if I found it wasn’t for us. 18 months down the line and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t now be without Clear Brew. The technician always turn up on time every 3 weeks, beer quality is not only maintained but improved by their cleaning system and I have saved a fortune on wastage. I highly recommend that you swallow your cynicism and give Clear Brew a try, no contract, no ties and nothing to lose. I guarantee you will never look back once you do!”

 Stuart, General Manager, Forest Holidays, Plymouth

Clear Brew managing director, Stephen Trezona, is delighted and very grateful for the acknowledgement of the good work from this client. He also explains that, ‘The biggest challenge for us has always been in convincing potential clients of the true value in using our services. This goes some way towards demonstrating that we do exactly what we promote and anyone who may be a little cynical have absolutely nothing to lose by allowing our National network of business owners to demonstrate how.”





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