Driving into 2022

It’s been another challenging year for the hospitality industry. Clear Brew are an integral part of the supply chain for many establishments, so they also feel the full force of any enforced shutdowns. When sites do face unexpected closure, Clear Brew still have a role to play in ensuring the integrity of cellar dispense systems up and down the country are closed down properly.

The year also highlighted the need for all industries to do their bit towards reducing climate change. Clear Brew’s processes are designed to save water, reduce CO2 use and limit electricity use. However, like all businesses, they still know they can do better so they were pleased to see their Croydon rep visiting clients in a sign written electric vehicle. May this be the first of many!

In their attempts to significantly reduce ullage wastage, which in turn reduces costs, many establishments are looking at various methods to reduce the traditional weekly line cleaning times. Some have chosen to install cellar based dispense systems that offer extended cleaning cycles. Clear Brew have been offering extended cleaning cycles for over 15 years. In many cases, the service adds to dispense quality so they fully welcome the increase in momentum away from weekly cleans and expect to add to the already significant national client base numbers, in the coming year.

2022 will no doubt bring further challenges. We have learnt many things from the last 18 months but I suspect the biggest lesson we have learnt is that it is proving difficult to plan too far ahead. This makes committing to long term contracts quite problematic. At Clear Brew we have always prided ourselves on our service and allow it to do the talking for us, so we stay away from issuing long term service contracts, giving all clients the opportunity to pull out at any stage without any financial penalties. I am pleased to report that our customer retention numbers remain extremely high (92%), which is testimony to the high level of service we provide across the UK.

We currently have coverage over all corners of the UK but will continue to actively increase technician numbers through our franchise network. This will not only help reduce road miles between services but also ensure all establishments get the opportunity to sample our services. A service that takes the hassle out of organising staff (a much reduced resource!) and eliminates the need to arrange for purchase and storage of line cleaning chemicals.

Figures from Lumina Intelligence’s UK Eating Out Market Report 2021, show a major recovery could be on the cards for the UK hospitality sector in the coming years. At Clear Brew we are committed, well placed and fully prepared to adapt to any changes that the industry may throw at us, so here’s a big cheers to success for the years to come.

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