Five reasons why you should choose Clear Brew

The beer line cleaning professionals at Clear Brew have been helping establishments serve the perfect pint nationwide since 2012.

The team are fully trained, equipped and on the road ready to help! In this blog we explore why the Clear Brew service is beneficial to your business and the ways our technicians can assist you.

  1. Save water, gas and electricity
    The Clear Brew equipment and system do not use gas or electricity. In addition to this, Clear Brew’s method only uses a third of water normally used.
  2. Reduce beer waste
    Reduced ullage ensures you have more beer to sell at full retail price to increase your profits.
  3. First clean is FREE
    Once you have booked an appointment a local technician will come and explain the process and carry out a clean completely free of charge.
  4. No chemicals to buy or store
    The Clear Brew technician will bring all the equipment and chemicals when they visit to complete a clean and take them away when they are finished.
  5. Clean to the highest standard
    All of the Clear Brew technicians have endured an intense training programme to ensure they have all the skills required to complete the job to a high standard.

Whether you are short on time or would like to make some savings, the Clear Brew team are happy to help with your beer line cleaning. To enquire about the service and book in a FREE one off clean email or call 01209 219889.

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