Franchisee Reviews of Clear Brew

Alan Chick Clear Brew Taunton

I was looking to improve my work life balance; as a retail area manager I was working 24/7 and was a slave to the ‘Blackberry and emails’. I realised to achieve the change I needed I would need to be self-employed, so had been looking at potential franchises on and off for 2 or 3 years. Clear Brew ticked all the boxes:

Sensible initial investment, with everything supplied to get you going on day 1

Low additional overheads – basically just car running costs and insurance

You are supplying a service that is not an ‘optional extra’ but a publican’s ‘must do’

Regular repeat business generates great, predictable cash flow

Low overheads means great margins

Excellent advice and support always readily available. The variety of clients and venues keeps it interesting and fun, I am making a comfortable living as an owner/operator in less than 6 months, and with the size of my territory and the margins available I will be able to grow the business and further increase my income by taking on staff. I now have time to enjoy life!!!

Wai Clear Brew Highlands

As a single parent and limited working time I was looking for a business that I could tailor to suit my available working times. Also I needed room for growth with great support and a product I could really believe in. Not only is Clear Brew all those things it’s actually like joining professional family. #best move ever.

Mick Woods Clear Brew Preston

My business and that of the other Clear Brew operators continues to grow, and my initial concerns of going it alone were unfounded and I now find myself enjoying being part of a large national team with great support, yet with the rewards of operating my own business.

Andrew Davey Clear Brew Oxfordshire

After a successful career in construction and commercial management, I now run a successful Clear Brew franchise. I very much enjoyed the cut and thrust of working in the construction industry, but was starting to grow tired of company politics the higher I went up the management tree.

The Clear Brew business model is a good one and the service is well liked by its customers. I enjoy everything about Clear Brew, it ticks a lot of boxes of what I am looking for in my working life. With some hard work and good support from Clear Brew the opportunities to grow the business are almost endless.

Franchise Opportunities

We have an ever-expanding network of professional beer line cleaners currently covering over 50% of the UK. The brand is now recognised as the UK’s leading independent beer line cleaning service.

If your area isn't listed please contact us anyway.