Get your bar ready for Christmas parties with our 6-point checklist

Christmas is on the horizon and the festive parties are commencing! If you are hosting events or parties this year, make sure you check out our top tips for the season ahead.

Behind the scenes

Efficiency is key – Keep your commercial kitchen equipment operating properly

Seal the deal – Don’t ignore your refrigeration seals

Cellar to bar cleanliness – Hygiene throughout your venue is crucial

Taking care of glassware – Maintain cleanliness and the perfect pint

Better beer, better business – Look after your beer lines

Daily cellar checks – Stay on top of cellar maintenance and stock

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Behind the scenes

While it is important to have the front of house looking festive, it is also important to prioritise tasks behind the scenes and make sure everything is in place. From making sure your glassware is sparkling to carrying out daily cellar checks, there are many aspects to consider when it comes to taking care of your bar over Christmas.

Efficiency is key

Efficiency is crucial – especially when it comes to your glasswasher, dishwasher, and ice machine. Making sure your warewashing equipment is in full working order will help ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the festive season. Although buying new, more efficient appliances can be an expense, it can also help to reduce waste and save money in the long run. We have a great range of warewashing and ice machine products available for those needing to update their appliances.

Seal the deal

Commercial refrigeration seals are often neglected and, over time, can crack or lose their function. It is also important to note that the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit may easily rise by 25% if the door or drawer seals are defective. Using a commercial fridge door seal replacement service, such as ourselves, to measure, supply, and fit* new seals, will prevent energy being unnecessarily wasted. *Installation is dependent on location

Cellar to bar cleanliness

If dirt builds up in the cellar, it can become a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria. Regularly cleaning the area and using products such as Cellar Hygiene Spray on all cask and keg equipment helps to keep it hygienic.

If yeast builds up on the keg couplers, it is important to remove it. This can easily be achieved with Cellar Hygiene Spray and a Keg Coupler Brush. The images below demonstrate the difference these products can make and how they effectively remove the build-up of yeast.

Although it’s common practice to soak nozzles in soda water overnight, this is not necessarily best practice as it does not have any cleaning effect. So, how can you care for your nozzles? Our Sparkler Cleaning Kit effectively and safely cleans nozzles, ultimately helping you maintain the perfect serve.

Taking care of glassware

Glass hygiene is crucial when it comes to serving beer. If glasses are not maintained correctly, beer can be flat and have an excessive head. Using a quality glasswash, renovate and glass pre-treatment product can all help to ensure glassware is kept in top condition. Our Complete Glasswash Detergent ensures glasses are always pristine without the need to Renovate separately. We also supply Quash Glass Pre-Treatment System which removes grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of glassware. Using these products will help to maintain the quality of both the glasses and beer served.

Better beer, better business

Cleaning the beer lines on a regular basis helps to prevent the build-up of yeast and bio-films in the lines. Here at Clear Brew, we provide a fully managed beer line cleaning service that operates on a 3-weekly cycle. In addition to improving dispense quality, our service saves you time and money. As part of the service, we also provide checklists to help with bar and cellar maintenance.

Daily cellar checks

It’s important to remain organised and implement strong bar/cellar routines to keep everything running smoothly. Carrying out tasks such as cleaning the cellar, removing any rubbish or items that shouldn’t be there, and checking the correct cellar temperature is being maintained all help to keep the cellar and beer in top condition. Ensuring that the cellar temperature is between 11ᵒC and 13ᵒC helps to ensure beer quality is maintained. If it’s too cold, ale may become hazy and flat. Too warm results in fobbing, wastage, poor product quality and ultimately reduced profits.

You wouldn’t serve out of date food, so why serve out of date beer? Inspecting the stock is an important part ensuring excellent beer quality therefore, it is important to check the ‘best before’ date before putting it on dispense. TOP TIP: Rotate older stock to the front and place frequent orders to ensure they remain in date. It is also important to note that keg or cask should be placed in the cellar for 48 hours prior to being put on dispense. This allows it to reach the correct temperature for serving. Once connected up for sale, a keg should be used within 5 days and cask within 3.

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