Get your venue ready for spring with our 10-point checklist

1.     Stock rotation

It is important to ensure you have the right drinks products for your establishments. Consider the upcoming week and order stock as needed, considering the busy days. Make sure you have casks tapped and stored on stillage or in place, depending on the dispense method you use. Ensure your kegs are lined up, ready, and in order of expiration date (stock rotation) to ensure the quality of the product as well as reduce the risk of waste. This will also help at busy times if you need to change a keg as they will be in place, aiding a quicker change of barrels.

2.   Stock check

You wouldn’t serve out of date food, so why serve out of date beer? Inspecting the stock is an important part of ensuring excellent beer quality therefore, it is important to check the ‘best before’ date before putting it on dispense. It is also important to note that keg or cask should be placed in the cellar for 48 hours prior to being put on dispense. This allows it to reach the correct temperature for serving. Once connected up for sale, a keg should be used within 5 days and cask within 3.

3.   Bar hygiene

One area that is often neglected of any beer dispense system is the nozzles. Most venues soak these in soda water overnight which does not have any cleaning effect. Our Sparkler Cleaning Kit effectively and safely cleans font nozzles, sparklers, creamers and fixed nozzles, helping you maintain the perfect serve.

4.   Cellar cleanliness

Cellar hygiene is an important part of maintaining beer quality. So, what can be done to sustain the ideal cellar environment? Basic cellar hygiene starts with cleaning spillages, drains, walls and ceilings. Our Cellar Floor & Wall Cleaner is a liquid alkali heavy detergent which is particularly effective for the rapid removal of all types of organic soiling. It is also important to remove any yeast that builds up on a keg coupler. This can easily be achieved with Cellar Hygiene Spray and a Keg Coupler Brush.

5.  Cellar to bar products

We understand that there are many elements to consider when trying to run a bar efficiently throughout the busy season. Our top tip for handling this is to be prepared, and stock up on quality products. Here at Clear Brew, we have a range of products including surface sanitiser, glass pre-treatment packs and glass and dish washing detergent.

6.  Taking care of glassware

Glass hygiene is crucial when it comes to serving beer. If glasses are not maintained correctly, beer can be flat or have an excessive head. Using a quality glasswash and glass pre-treatment product can all help to ensure glassware is kept in top condition. Our Complete Glasswash Detergent ensures glasses are always pristine without the need to Renovate separately. We also supply Quash Glass Pre-Treatment System which removes grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of glassware. Using these products will help to maintain the quality of both the glasses and beer served.

7.  Beer line cleaning

Cleaning the beer lines on a regular basis helps to prevent the build-up of yeast and bio-films in the lines. Here at Clear Brew, we provide a fully managed beer line cleaning service to thousands of venues nationwide. Our specialised equipment, chemical and technology enables us to clean every 3 weeks. This system ultimately reduces waste and saves you money.

8.  Dishwashers & Ice machines

If your dishwasher, glasswasher or ice machine needs updating, it is a good idea to do this before the busy season commences. Our Clenaware products are perfect for any venue looking for efficient and reliable warewashing equipment.

9.  Outdoor bar

If you are looking to update your outdoor bar this spring, make sure you check our Lindr Mobile Dispense machines for your beer, cider, wine or cocktails. They are a flexible way to add service capacity and there are a variety of models available. Email for help selecting the model that best suits you.

10.  Implement routines

Finally, carrying out daily bar and cellar checks can help to keep your venue running smoothly. Performing tasks such as cleaning the cellar, removing any rubbish or items that shouldn’t be there, and checking the correct cellar temperature is being maintained all help to keep the cellar and beer in top condition. Ensuring you have a well-structured routine in place now will help you to keep on top of everything when your venue gets busy.

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