Here’s how you can maintain top cellar hygiene standards and protect the quality of your beer

Cellar hygiene is an important part of maintaining beer quality. So, what can be done to sustain the ideal cellar environment? Here we have outlined a few key points to ensure you not only keep your cellar in top condition but also your beer.

1. Check and clean the cellar on a daily basis
Basic cellar hygiene starts with cleaning spillages, drains, walls and ceilings. Our Cellar Floor & Wall Cleaner is a liquid alkali heavy detergent which is particularly effective for the rapid removal of all types of organic soiling. Implementing a few cellar rules can also help to maintain cleanliness and beer quality. This includes not using the cellar to store food, avoiding strong smelling disinfectants, ensuring animals aren’t invited in, highlighting that the cellar is a non-smoking area and not allowing rubbish to build-up.

2. Keg coupler cleanliness
If yeast builds up on the keg coupler, it is important to remove it. This can easily be achieved with Cellar Hygiene Spray and a Keg Coupler Brush. The images below demonstrate the difference these products can make and how they effectively remove the build-up of yeast.

3. Beer line cleaning
The beer lines are a huge part of a cellar set-up and need to be looked after and maintained. At Clear Brew, we understand the importance of serving great pints time and time again. Our experienced technicians maintain dispense quality across both keg and cask lines on an extended frequency. During each visit, your local technician will carry out a full line clean and cellar check to ensure your products and equipment are kept in top condition. Our system comprises of a specialised water fed mixing unit, that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and market leading chemicals. This results in a service that is guaranteed to save you money, reduce your waste and improve the quality of your draught products. The Clear Brew team are not only professional beer line cleaners, but they also act as an extra pair of eyes in the cellar and help to ensure everything is running smoothly.


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