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Beer Creativity

With the online booking culture and ever-increasing price competition, it is no surprise that Hotel operators are relying upon on site sales to boost profitability. In the US, beer is a staple of these hotels and accounts for almost 40% of on site sales (Hotel Management, E Simon, Feb 2017).

Hotels are continuing to become more creative with their bars and the ways in which they ensure patrons spend more time at the bar. Clear Brew beer line cleaning company have, over the ten years in which they have been operating, witnessed these changes first hand. Stephen Trezona, MD, says, “I have certainly noticed the difference in terms of layout and interior design. Hue colours, soft lighting and perfectly crafted bars with furniture to match are now more common place when our technicians visit hotel bars.”  Stephen does however add that “Whilst the ambience has developed, the all-important cellar management does not appear to have changed. Our beer line technicians still find that cellars and in particular beer lines, are not being serviced properly, which results in the serving of sub-standard beer which can either lead to negative feedback from clients or prevent the establishment from gaining a 5 star review”.

Focus Elsewhere

Stephen explains several reasons for this apparent cellar neglect. “Hotels are generally great at welcoming guests, making sure their needs are met and that their stay is comfortable and memorable. Hoteliers and their staff tend to be customer focused and trained in this way. Those who are trained in cellar management are often not around long enough for the Hotel to benefit, thus this type of training is often neglected.” Stephen also adds, “The cellar is a key part of ensuring beer tastes as it should do but is often an area that is overlooked, mainly through lack of knowledge. Cellar temperatures are often too high, beer lines inadequately cleaned, cleansing of cask and keg fittings neglected and the nozzles within the bar treated incorrectly.”  All of this can lead to sub standard beer.

Cellar Management Service

Stephen and his company Clear Brew have recognised the need for improved cellar management and introduced a cellar management program aimed at improving the standard of beer served in hotel bars. It is the same standard expected from an established public house, that prides itself on the quality of its beer. Stephen adds, “The aim is twofold, firstly to save bottom line costs for the hotel through a reduction in: wastage; staff training; and ad hoc call outs for cellar problems, and secondly to enable hotels to gain greater revenue from increased beer sales because of the quality of the beer they sell. How many of us have had one beer in the bar before moving on to a pub. I want the beer to taste so fantastic that they stay for another.”

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