How clean are your beer lines?

Don’t blame the Food!

Quality is an important consumer expectation, especially considering the impact social media can have on both repeat and new custom. As a restaurant or pub operator have you ever considered the notion that dirty beer lines may result in customers complaining about the standard of the food you serve. With so many pubs moving from a wet led business model to relying on food to sustain profitability, it is hardly surprising that they, like many, are reliant on receiving positive on line reviews. Whether you like it or not, research shows that negative reviews have become the #1 factor in consumers forming a bad opinion about a product or service. Statistically, 9 out of 10 consumers base purchase decisions on reviews, and 80% of those buyers will change their purchasing decision based on negative evaluations. The simple fact is, negative reviews affect the judgement and decisions of buyers or service users. What no one serving food wants is a review where the client complains of an upset stomach or poor taste because of eating there. The first cry is generally, ‘it must have been something I ate!’. However it can easily be as a result of consuming beer through unclean beer lines rather than the food, something often overlooked by the proprietors. There are many reasons why the beer lines may not be clean, sometimes through neglect because of time constraints and sometimes, especially in the case of many restaurants, through lack of expertise and lack of understanding in the cleaning process. In some restaurants or bars, the beer can be coming from as far as 50 feet away!  Without proper beer line cleaning and maintenance, draft beer can become tainted and contaminated. In other establishments they just do not have the time to carry out the task themselves and allocate the role to untrained staff, who as we all know come and go on a regular basis, especially in the catering industry.

Like Putting the Bins Out!!

Careless beer line cleaning can cost customers. The importance of cleaning beer lines is an invaluable lesson for any restaurant or bar owner, however it is often considered to be a painstaking task, a bit like putting the bins out, it must be done but no one wants to do it.

Money Well Spent

The alternative to training staff or carrying out the task yourself can come in the form of employing the services of professional beer line cleaners. Companies such as Clear Brew UK are represented nationally and carry out value for money services for a variety of establishments, including pubs, hotels, restaurants, social and sports clubs, bingo halls and cinemas. Unlike traditional methods they visit the establishment once every three weeks and guarantee that the standard of cleanliness of the beer lines remains first class from one visit to the next. Added to the bonus of not having to carry out the cleaning yourself is the fact it saves substantial amounts of costs in ‘ullage’ (wasted beer) and helps reduce your establishments carbon footprint by using less water and gas. It really is money well spent and a complete weight off your mind knowing that the standard of beer you serve is as it should be, thereby reducing the potential for that all-consuming and damaging negative feedback. They are so confident in their service they offer a free first clean and unlike many other beer line cleaning services, do not tie you into any contracts, meaning you can opt out at any stage.





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