How often should I clean my beer lines?

Just by its very nature the fact that someone types this into Google probably suggests that they do not enjoy the task of beer line cleaning and are trying to find out the maximum amount of time in which they can allow before having to clean the lines. In a quest to save time and money, many bars carry out a juggling act between trying to ensure the beer tastes as it should do without having to clean the lines too often. This method is however somewhat of a gamble as its failure is measured by customer complaints and a lost customer often never returns and more importantly tells their friends and the internet, so before you know it, you have a network of people believing your venue serves poor tasting beer.

There are various claims as to how long you should leave your lines, from one to six weeks seems to be where the discourse lies. If you are uncertain and confused by the mixed messages then you should consider employing the services of a professional organisation such as Clear Brew. They have national coverage and are so confident in their cleaning techniques that they offer a free one off clean and do not commit you to any contractual terms, meaning you can pull out at any stage.

Their techniques employ the use of technology by using inhibitors to prevent yeast build up and this, aligned alongside knowledgeable expertise, provides a thorough clean at each visit, designed to meet quality control benchmarks throughout the entire cleaning cycle. You will be allocated your very own technician who will familiarise themselves with your cellar and bar set up and become a familiar face by visiting your venue every three weeks. He or she will carry out an initial survey and in doing so, evidence to you the significant savings you can make by using their service. The cleaning system they use, allows you to reduce the waste associated with weekly cleans whilst also ensuring that their tried and tested methods maintain that all important beer quality that every venue strives for.

Evidence of their effectiveness is enjoyed by establishments throughout the UK and the database is continuing to grow, as they expand their network of highly trained franchisees. These franchisees are from all walks of life and on joining, undergo extensive training into the technical aspects of beer line cleaning and the importance of good cellar management. On starting up their businesses, they bring with them a wealth of understanding in the often forgotten art of customer service.

Whilst they are proud to wear the uniform and promote the benefits of using such a service, like all good businesses, they let their customers do the talking for them and this is evident from the long list of venues they serve and some of the awards these venues pick up for serving quality beer and maintaining loyal client bases. So, the only Google search you will need to make is Clear Brew, the beer line cleaning professionals.

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