How to carry out beer line cleaning safely

Beer line cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your bar. It’s so crucial that it could in fact be the difference between a customer experiencing a bad pint and one of the best beers they’ve had. With that being said, it’s also important to ensure that it is carried out correctly and safely. Here we explore the process of beer line cleaning and what procedures can be implemented to ensure safety.

Beer line cleaning process

Beer line cleaning health & safety procedures

Finding a beer line cleaning service near you

Beer line cleaning process

Standard practice for line cleaning involves using a beer line cleaning bottle and line cleaning solution. It is a labour-intensive process and often requires a certain level of expertise and training…

How can you tell if your beer lines are dirty?

You can often tell if your beer lines are dirty by the quality of the pint. Is the beer hazy? Does it have an excessive head? Is it tasting off? These are all signs that your lines are dirty and may require attention.

How long does beer line cleaning take?

Factors that impact the time needed to carry out a beer line clean include the number of taps and the length of the run from your cellar to the bar. An average bar can take the staff 2-3 hours a week to complete the line clean.

How often do beer lines need to be cleaned?

Beer line cleaning is often carried out on a weekly basis. This is generally considered standard practice and is implemented by a member of the team inhouse. There are however a number of exceptions that can alter the frequency of line cleans (e.g. line condition or if they have been dormant for a period of time).

What costs are involved with cleaning beer lines?

Aspects that affect the cost of line cleaning in-house include the number of lines, line cleaner used, time taken by staff/management, and the gas and water used.

Beer line cleaning health & safety procedures

It’s important to implement safety procedures to protect both staff and customers. Here are just a few procedures that should be in place…

Beer line cleaning record sheet

Keep track of each clean using a Beer Line Cleaning Log. This should primarily show the date of previous cleans and who carried them out.

Beer line cleaning equipment

It is crucial that anyone who is carrying out the line clean has been properly trained to use the equipment and chemical. Using a potassium-based line cleaner can be far safer than those that are caustic based.

Beer line cleaning in progress sign

Whilst a clean is being carried out, it is important to ensure that a ‘Beer line cleaning in progress’ sign is placed at the bar. This makes anyone in the vicinity aware that the lines are not currently in use, and they should enter the area with caution.

Finding a beer line cleaning service near you

Want to ensure your beer line cleaning is carried out safely and correctly but not sure you have the time or resources to do this? Outsource the task to the beer line cleaning professionals at Clear Brew. We have technicians situated across the country so it’s easy to locate your nearest Clear Brew branch.

Why choose Clear Brew?

  1. Expert technicians – We pride ourselves on having a nationwide team of fully trained technicians. Using the Clear Brew service eliminates the need for you to put time and money into training staff. They are also on hand to offer advice when it comes to general cellar maintenance.
  2. Safety comes first – Our technicians arrive equipped and ready to carry out the line clean safely. Before the clean commences, a ‘beer line cleaning in progress’ sign is placed on the bar to immediately notify anyone in the area that a clean is taking place. Of course, it’s also important for the person that is carrying out the clean to be safe. Our technicians are armed with full PPE including goggles, gloves, and appropriate footwear.
    At Clear Brew we also arrive armed with our own specialised equipment. This includes a portable water-fed machine and market-leading line cleaning solution. Using a quality beer line cleaner is important for maintaining the lines. Here at Clear Brew, we use a potassium-based beer line cleaner. This is highly effective in the removal of bio-films and the maintenance of dispense systems. As we mentioned before, it is also far safer and more efficient than cheaper, commonly used caustic-based line cleaner.
  3. We work with you – Communication is key when it comes to the Clear Brew service. We work closely with you to establish a time that is best suits the needs of your venue. This often entails arranging a time prior to opening to ensure there is little disruption to the business.
    Did you know that we also communicate with our customers via an app? As part of the Clear Brew service, we use an app that is specifically designed to communicate details of each beer line clean, inform our customers of any bar/cellar issues and allow them to keep track of the savings they are making.

What services do we offer?

No matter what you require, we have a beer line cleaning service to suit you. Here are just a few services we offer:

  1. Decommissioning/recommissioning the lines
    Using our unique equipment and chemicals, we can close any bar ensuring the lines are clean and protected, eliminating the risk of tainting, or damaging the lines which can happen when they are left in air or water. We are also able to recommission bars, ensuring the lines are ready to serve your products at the highest standard.
  2. Fruit and water taint removal
    At Clear Brew, we understand the difference between a “bad pint” as well as the taste of a perfect pint. Using our specialised chemicals, we can remove water taints and fruit taints from the beer lines, and we are able to get the beer tasting better than ever.
  3. One off deep cleans
    Our team are able to deep clean your dispense system. Depending on the conditions of the lines, we are able to use a variety of techniques to remove all build-up of biofilms, allowing the product to flow through pristine lines and giving your customers drinking satisfaction.
  4. CDQS 6 weekly fully managed cleans
    Did you know that Clear Brew can save you even more money if you have a Carlsberg CDQS system already installed by extending your line cleans to a 6-weekly cycle? (Subject to survey). Contact our team to find out more.
  5. Regular line cleans
    For venues that just require regular maintenance, we offer a fully managed beer line cleaning service on a 3-weekly cycle. Discover more about our process.

For more information on any of our services, get in touch with our team.

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