How to prepare your bar for summer 2021

As summer approaches it is time to start preparing for the busy season ahead. Here at Clear Brew, we have compiled a few tips to help you look after your bar. From caring for your beer lines to your glasses, here are a few aspects to consider whilst preparing your bar.
  1. Ensure the nozzles are cleaned correctly

On a weekly basis, nozzles should be cleaned with water and a sanitising tablet. To do this, first fill a container with water add a sanitising tablet and leave the nozzles to soak overnight. Next, thoroughly rinse under warm water. These are now ready to use again.

  1. Take care of your glasses and glasswasher

In order to maintain the quality of the drink in the glass, it is important to use a good rinse aid and renovate all glassware regularly. It is also important to drain the glass washing machine at close, rinse the filters and check the detergent and rinse aid levels daily to keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Maintain your beer lines for the perfect pint

Thoroughly cleaning your beer lines is important for maintaining beer quality and achieving both great looking and tasting beer. The Clear Brew line cleaning service will help you to dispense the perfect pint to your customers time and time again. Our unique natural energy source inhibitors, prevent yeast particles settling in the lines, enabling us to operate a 3 weekly cycle, which reduces waste whilst still ensuring the beer tastes just as it should.

We hope these tips help as you start to prepare for the busy summer season! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all the latest Clear Brew news, blogs and articles surrounding the hospitality industry.

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