In house beer line cleaning is not for everyone

Clear Brew Survey Reveals some of the Reasons why in-house Line Cleaning is not for Everyone

To ensure that all aspects of their service are hitting customer expectations, Clear Brew, independent beer line cleaners, have carried out a customer survey. The interesting results reveal many of the reasons why increasing amounts of establishments are rejecting the age-old culture of carrying out their own weekly line cleaning.

These are some of the findings:

  1. Opportunity cost- Many felt their time was best spent elsewhere in the establishment. Preparing menu’s, organising staff, or just having a break from the long hours behind the bar far outweighed the long hours spent cleaning lines in the cellar.
  2. Cost saving- Many enjoyed the costs saved by significant reduction in annual ullage and associated costs because of moving to Clear Brew’s three weekly service.
  3. Quality- Many felt the use of Clear Brew meant that the lines were cleaned properly thereby maximising dispense quality.
  4. Time- Many felt it took too long to commit to on a weekly regular basis and because of this there was an inconsistency in when the task was carried out.
  5. Staff unreliability- Some felt that they could not rely on inexperienced staff to carry out such an important task. Added to this was the fact that turnover of staff led to inconsistency on time spent and quality of cleans.
  6. Not their responsibility- Some proprietors felt it wasn’t their job to be in a cellar cleaning beer lines.
  7. Uncomfortable- Others felt that the cellar environment was both cold and unpleasant to be in and would prefer to allow someone else to enter and clean the lines.
  8. Knowledge- Some just didn’t know how to carry it out and saw being front of house a more integral element of making the establishment a success.
  9. Chemical- Some enjoyed the benefits of not having to source, purchase and store line cleaning chemicals.
  10. Value for money- Others were just so impressed with the professionalism and level of service, they felt it was an offer they couldn’t refuse, especially as the first clean was free.

To enquire about Clear Brew’s line cleaning service and book in a FREE one off clean e-mail or call 01209 219889.


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