Looking to save money? Here are 5 ways to reduce waste at your bar

Don’t let waste have a negative affect on your bar. Discover how you can minimise waste and ultimately save money.

Physical waste or a waste of time

Why is it important to manage waste?

5 top tips to reduce waste at your bar

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Physical waste or a waste of time

When we think of waste at a pub, bar or restaurant, we often consider physical aspects such as food and drink. While it is important to manage these efficiently, the value of time should also not be underestimated. By making small management changes, bar wastage can be significantly reduced, and savings can be made.

Why is it important to manage waste?

Whether it’s a physical aspect or not, operational inefficiencies can lead to reduced profits and high outgoings. For example, if drinks are spilled or over-poured, money is essentially going down the drain. Employees or management may also be spending valuable time on tasks that they were not hired for or even trained to carry out. This wasted time can come at a cost and there are often more efficient ways to manage certain tasks.


5 top tips to reduce waste at your bar


1  Keep your cellar in check

The cellar should be maintained between 11-13ᵒC. If it’s too cold, the ale may become hazy and flat. Too warm results in fobbing, wastage, poor product quality, and ultimately reduced profits.

Did you also know that beer is categorised as food and should be treated in line with Health and Safety Legislation? Regularly checking the date on beer and rotating older stock to the front will help to prevent it exceeding the ‘best before date’ and therefore reduce the amount of beer wasted.

It is also important to turn off all dispense gases at the end of the day as this not only reduces risk if there is a leak overnight, but it also reduces the chance of kegged products becoming over-carbonated, which in turn would impact yields and profit.

2  Stay on top of your refrigeration maintenance

Commercial refrigeration seals are often neglected and, over time, can crack or lose their purpose. It is also important to note that the energy consumption of the refrigeration unit may easily rise by 25% if the door or drawer seals are defective. Using a commercial fridge door seal replacement service, such as ourselves, to measure, supply, and fit new seals, will prevent energy being unnecessarily wasted.

3  Don’t let your products go to waste

From training employees to taking control of your stock, it’s important to implement good practices to ensure your beers do not go to waste. If overstocking is an issue at your venue, order smaller containers that will be used within the appropriate number of days (keg – 5 days, cask – 3 days).

Ensuring your glasses are kept in top condition will also help to prevent waste. If glasses are not maintained correctly, beer can be flat or have an excessive head. Using a quality glasswash, renovate and glass pre-treatment product can all help to ensure glassware is kept in top condition. Our Complete Glasswash Detergent ensures glasses are always pristine without the need to Renovate separately. We also supply Quash Glass Pre-Treatment System which removes grease marks and lipstick from the lip area of glassware. Using these products will help to maintain the quality of both the glasses and beer served.

4  Outsource tasks when appropriate

Outsourcing certain tasks can be a great way of saving time and money. For example, choosing to outsource your beer line cleaning will reduce your workload. When you switch the responsibility of staffing, training, maintaining standards, and finding supplies over to the Clear Brew team, you free-up time to focus your attention where it is needed most.


By using the Clear Brew beer line cleaning service, you will also save money. Our beer line cleaning process involves a specialised machine that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and non-caustic line cleaning solution. Armed with this equipment, we clean on an extended frequency and ultimately save you money, improve dispense quality, and of course, reduce waste.

5  Ensure your appliances are operating efficiently

The Morning Advertiser suggests that changing to lower wattage bulbs, installing smart switches and being conscious of when appliances are used will help to make savings. Although buying new, more efficient appliances can be an expense, it can also help to reduce waste and save money in the long run. We have a great range of warewashing and ice machine products available for those looking to update their appliances.

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