Meet Mark from Clear Brew Durham & Sunderland

Clear Brew Durham & Sunderland discuss the path that led them to Clear Brew, share their thoughts on life as franchisee, and express their goals moving forward with the business.

1.   What did you do previously, before becoming a business owner with Clear Brew Ltd?

Before Clear Brew I had worked in the licensed trade for all my working life, everything from a pot washer in the local to Area Manager for national pub operator and all in-between!

2.  What made you consider investing in a franchise with Clear Brew?

We had sold a pub business and, having worked in this environment for 20 years along with the recent addition of our two daughters to the family, we were looking for a business which offered a better work/life balance, but it HAD to be related to pubs as it’s all we know. My wife and I have worked together for many years, so the ability for both of us to get stuck in and put our mark on the new business in our area of expertise was a real advantage.

3.  What has been your best business achievement in the past year?  

We have forged a real collaboration with a key regional brewer and pub operator in our area and this has led to not only some direct instructions, but also us being recommended across their L&T estate; it was a real big win early in the story for us.

4.  What do you like about the Clear Brew business model, has it lived up to your expectations?

I like that the business model offers support, national presence, and a network to liaise with, as this really helps in the infancy of any business, and it is sometimes tough to get started. I had no expectations as being self-employed is what you make of it. I had expectations of our own performance but did not have an expectation of what Clear Brew offered us.

5.  What difference are you making to businesses that you service in your local community

We are making precious savings, enhancing beer quality and offering practical advice on all things beer.

6.  Please tell me about the support you have within the Clear Brew franchise network.

It has been great! From ad hoc technical tips on the WhatsApp group and chatting with fellow franchisees to the support at central office, it has all been needed at times and always there.

7.  What have you learned most about in the past 12 months?

Recommendations are golden. Networking with other businesses to share contacts and recommend each other’s services is a much more effective way to generate business than cold calling.

8.  What business goals do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?

We are targeting 70 customers by the end of 2024.

9.  What are your interests/hobbies?

I am a pub industry geek, I love talking about pubs, drinking beer and just love pubs!

I keep racing pigeons and compete in a local club here in the Northeast which is my only really hobby as it leaves no time for anything else.

10.  How has having a franchise with Clear Brew helped you with your work/life balance?

This is the best thing about our move to Clear Brew. Coming from a long background in hospitality, working long hours and not seeing the children as much as I would like, we are now in a position where the working week can be planned around the family life and not the other way round. Being out early in the morning and home early afternoon has not only benefited me personally, but also the family unit immensely. We just wish we had done it 10 years ago!


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