Meet Wai from Clear Brew Highlands

Wai, owner of Clear Brew Highlands, discusses the path that led him to Clear Brew, shares his thoughts on life as franchisee, and expresses his goals moving forward with the business.

What made you consider investing in a franchise with Clear Brew?

The main reasons I chose Clear Brew over other franchises was the general work times (usually mornings through to early afternoon) suited my life and the investment cost was affordable and at a level that it was worth a go. Other franchises needed 3 or 4 times the level of investment and, to be fair, those industries had a lot more competition. Clear Brew is pretty unique and that sparked my interest.

What has been your best business achievement in the past few years?  

To be honest, I think just managing to keep most of my clients through Covid lockdowns and supporting them through their tough times has been rewarding. It a good feeling when you are appreciated and know that your work has real value.

What do you like about the Clear Brew business model, has it lived up to your expectations?

The Clear Brew line of work is pretty unique and when I tell people what I do it always takes a second for them to process what it actually is. This means that we are specialists in our field and that always adds value. I like the autonomy of the business setup and to a degree we can grow the business how we see fit. When prospecting, it can be a challenge to talk to the right person in the business that makes the decision; often they have little time due to being tied up running their business. It’s a challenge to gain people’s trust from one conversation at the start. But once trust is established, they are happy they made the change. It’s all about getting your foot in the door.

What difference are you making to businesses that you service in your local community?

I know that I have a very positive impact of the clients I work with. I hear from them all the time what a difference and saving I give them, and their customers compliment me to when I see them saying how much better the beer is compared to before. I like to go the extra mile when I can for my clients, and they really appreciate that. The Clear Brew name is definitely becoming more visible up here on the West Coast now.

Please tell me about the support you have within the Clear Brew franchise network.

One of the strengths that Clear Brew has is the combined experience and knowledge that all the franchisees bring to the table. Our network and communications mean that help is never more than a message away and more often than not a solution can be found to any problem. We work mostly alone so having that backup and support is definitely reassuring.

What have you learned most about in the past 12 months?

I would say that experience and confidence is an ongoing process and I have always believed that people should keep learning no matter what. The Covid lockdowns were tough as a young small franchisee, but it only illustrated to me how sometimes being small can be beneficial. I have friends who have come out of lockdowns way worse than me. Keeping things simple can sometimes be much better at absorbing storms than being large. I am learning every day that as a business I have to stay dynamic and flexible as the world has shown us nothing stays the same forever.

What business goals do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?

I would be happy just to grow my franchise a little bit more, hopefully enough to take on a part/full -time technician. My constant goal is to keep stress down and job satisfaction high. Simple.

What are your interests/hobbies?

My biggest interests I would have to say are motorcycling and travelling. Another reason why Clear Brew suits me is that I can find time to do the things I’m passionate about. I love riding bikes, teaching advanced riding techniques to others, and also supporting Highland and Islands Blood bikes which I ride and fundraise for too.

How has having a franchise with Clear Brew helped you with your work/life balance? 

Being a Clear Brew franchise owner has really given me back time. I work yet I have time to do the things I want to do. I get to see my children more and feel less stressed, so quality time is much better. My working hours are sometimes long but I also have short working days too, so the variety of things is also nice as it’s not so mundane even though our cycles repeat every 21 days. I look forward to seeing how Clear Brew will grow in the future and currently I am happy, my franchise is running well and I’m happy doing what I do.


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