Myths and facts of beer line cleaning

1.     MYTH: Beer lines can’t be cleaned on a 3-weekly cycle and still be thoroughly clean.

FACT: With the right knowledge and equipment, it is possible to clean beer lines on a 3-weekly cycle. Here at Clear Brew, our beer line cleaning process comprises of a specialised water-fed mixing unit that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and market-leading chemicals. This combination of expertise and technology allows us to clean beer lines on a 3-weekly cycle and ensure our customers consistently serve great pints.

2.     MYTH: Cleaning beer lines on an extended frequency won’t save me that much money.

FACT: By using a professional beer line cleaning service such as Clear Brew, savings can be made in many areas including water, chemical and beer. Here are the average savings of one of our customers.

3.     MYTH: Putting nozzles in cold soda water overnight will clean them.

FACT: Dirty nozzles can cost a lot of money, as beer will go off quicker and fobbing problems occur at dispense. Our Sparkler Cleaning Kit to maintain your nozzles, cleaners, and sparklers, helping you to maintain the perfect serve. It is designed to be used for all types of font nozzles, sparklers, creamers and fixed nozzles. We recommend using daily as part of your closing procedure.

4.     MYTH: Even if I outsource my beer line cleaning, I still have to worry about all cellar maintenance.

FACT: As part of the Clear Brew beer line cleaning service, we offer expert advice via our blog and act as an extra pair of eyes on the ground when it comes to cellar maintenance. We also have an app which allows us to communicate any issues directly to the customer.

5.     MYTH: No matter how clean the beer lines are, there is no such thing as a perfect pint unless the glassware has gone through an additional Renovate process to ensure it is thoroughly clean.

FACT: While it’s true that it’s important to take good care of your glassware, this can be achieved without carrying out an additional Renovate process. Our Complete Glasswash Detergent is specially formulated for constant use and ensures glasses are always in pristine condition without the need to Renovate separately. Complete Glasswash Detergent and rinse aid work together to keep the glasses clean, dry and ensure no protein build ups occur, that normally need an additional Renovate process to remove them.

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