The Clear Brew Process

How we Clean Beer Lines

Our beer line cleaning system cleans both keg and cask lines maintaining dispense quality on a regular repeat 3 weekly cycle.

Our tried and tested methods are designed to simply marry up to the existing cellar set up with our own unique and portable water fed mixing units, market leading chemicals and industry tested inhibitors.  All this means that our Eco led fully managed and labour inclusive repeat beer line cleaning service reduces costs, cuts waste, minimises risk and improves draught beer line quality.


The Clear Brew Process

For many years beer lines have been cleaned & maintained on a weekly cycle, we agree there is nothing wrong with traditional manual beer line cleaning, however times have changed with advancements in cooling, machinery, chemicals and indeed the products themselves.

Many of these new advancements require huge installation costs and/or ongoing fees and contracts and others are sold simply as a fit and forget, all have been designed to move line cleaning frequency away from weekly cleaning but in doing so ensuring dispense quality is maintained.

Maintaining Standards

On each visit our trained technicians complete a full beer line clean and cellar check. At the end of the visit our technicians utilise our own fully integrated verification system to input data into a centralised database. This, along with our portable ATP testing, helps us to maintain high and uniform standards across the entire National network of professional beer line cleaners.


How 3 weekly cleans work with Clear Brew

01 - Our Equipment

Our unique and portable custom-made machinery is designed to improve your carbon footprint by using no electricity or CO2, reducing water use and ensuring the correct mix of chemicals to match your cellar’s exact requirements. Adapted to clean both keg and cask lines, it is simply designed to marry up to your existing cellar set ups.

02 - Our Chemicals

Clear Brew use market leaders in the beer line cleaning solutions industry when carrying out cleans. This potassium based chemical is highly effective in the removal of bio-films and in the maintenance of dispense systems. This is far safer and more efficient than cheaper, commonly used caustic based line cleaners.

03 - Technology

As a natural energy source and using no electricity, our tried and tested inhibitors are unobtrusive and highly efficient. By using placement expertise and line assessment, these inhibitors change the polarity of the yeast particles found in beer and subsequently reduce the build-up of bio films.

04 - Personnel

Our fully managed labour inclusive service includes the collection of real on-site data. The data evaluation assists us in ensuring waste is minimised, hygiene standards are maintained, and yields are maximised. The presence of our trained technicians reduces the stress associated with in house management of beer lines whilst eliminating the need to provide staff training and the organising of cover for holidays and sickness.

Take the Cellar Tour

This quick but informative tour outlines some of the areas of the cellar that our technicians focus upon in order to help thier clients dispense beer tasting as good as it should.


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