Our top tips for getting your bar ready for summer

Summer is on the horizon! Ensure your bar is ready for the busy months ahead…

As summer approaches, we are here to help ensure your bar is prepped and ready. Here are a few useful tips to get you started.

  1. Check all warewashing equipment
    If any of your warewashing equipment needs updating, it is a good idea to do this before the summer rush. Our Clenaware products are perfect for any venue looking for efficient and reliable warewashing equipment at affordable prices.
  2. Stock up on quality cellar to bar chemicals
    From cellar and bar hygiene to glass and dish washing, we understand that there are many elements to consider when trying to run a bar efficiently throughout the busy summer months. Our top tip for handling this is to be prepared, and stock up on quality products. Here at Clear Brew, we have a range of products including surface sanitiser, cellar floor and wall cleaner, glass pre-treatment packs and glass and dish washing detergent.
  3. Ensure your cellar is clean, organised and ready for business!
    In addition to mopping up spillages in the cellar and removing any empty casks/kegs daily, a Cellar Hygiene Spray can be used to clean all keg and cask equipment. This includes Keg Couplers, Cleaning Ring Main attachments, Cask Dip Sticks, Cask Shives and Keystones. Ensuring your beer lines are pristine is crucial for continually serving top quality pints. The Clear Brew beer line cleaning service is designed to save your time, money and of course ensure high levels of dispense quality. As part of the service, checklists will be provided to help with the daily maintenance of the cellar.
  4. Prepare your outdoor bar
    If you are looking to update your outdoor bar, make sure you check our Lindr Mobile Dispense machines for your beer, cider, wine or cocktails. They are a flexible way to add service capacity and there are a variety of models available. Email enquiries@clearbrew.co.uk for help selecting the model that best suits you.

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