Premiumisation and the Modern Beer Drinker

As Bob Dylan said, the times they are a-changin’

The modern pubgoer is becoming less driven by price and ABV, they are leaning towards quality and experience. While traditional lager sales are down 1.1%, world beers and premium lager sales are up 10.5% and 5.6% respectively. (Marston’s on Trade Report, 2019)

This means that pubs must adapt to the needs of their changing cliental. Extra care and attention are needed to ensure the product that is being provided is as good as it can be. Important contributing factors include;

• Beer temperature
• Use of appropriate glassware
• Staff Knowledge of the product
• A correct pour

Undoubtedly, the single most important factor is the taste. In a study of ale drinkers, it was discovered that 40% would stay away from a pub that served them an off pint, 39% would stay away from that particular brand and 37% would tell their friends. (Marston’s on Trade Report, 2019)

With this in mind, what can a pub landlord do to ensure that they are providing the perfect pint? To answer this, we need to consider what will make a pint taste off. Low throughput can affect the taste of beers as the longer the keg or cask is in use, the flatter the beer will become and the more likely it will be to turn. Pubs should consider streamlining their range if this is a problem as a few, perfect tasting beers is much better than a vast range of sub-par products. Cellar temperatures also heavily affect the shelf life of the beer, and not monitoring these can cause beer to perish prematurely and negatively impact quality.

Poor beer line maintenance is usually the root cause of bad beer. Build ups of yeast in the lines can cause poor taste and can produce a cloudy pint. Cask Marque operate an independent award scheme that grades pubs out of 5 on their beer and in 2019, 29.74% of pubs lost a mark based upon their line cleaning. (Cask Marque Report, 2019) Whilst landlords and bar managers can try and combat this via regular line cleans, it is difficult for untrained professionals with standard equipment to perform this task to the required standard.

Clear Brew are one such company that can solve this issue for landlords. They provide a regular, fully inclusive, professional line cleaning service that helps pubs work towards that elusive perfect pint. Their combination of trade strength chemicals, inhibitors and technical knowledge ensures that the service provided is likely to exceed what any pub can achieve in-house. Clear Brew technicians also provide an extra set of eyes in the cellar that will highlight potential health and safety issues and will alert landlords of cellar temperatures that fall outside of the ideal range, which as we saw earlier is another huge issue. Clear Brew will provide a cellar survey and a free clean to ensure that landlords are happy with the service. Even then, there is no contract or obligation. The chemicals and technologies employed by Clear Brew mean that the service is only required every 3 weeks which has the added benefit of saving landlord’s money through reduced wastage.

With this in mind there really is no excuse not to join the 21st century. It’s time to move on from the tradition of landlords cleaning their own lines and embrace the improvement in quality (and financial savings) that hiring professional beer line cleaners can provide, so that the beer you serve, tastes as it should do.

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