Reasons to Outsource your Beer Line Cleaning

In many aspects the UK hospitality industry has seen a significant amount of changes in the last 20 years. It has seen peaks and valleys and the only certainty seems to be uncertainty, especially since the recent global Covid pandemic. As such, many operators are being pushed to find lower cost beer line cleaning services as a result of tight budgets and the near continual drive for cost saving measures. One good cost saving option is outsourcing your line cleaning services. Not only will outsourcing help reduce costs, it can also significantly improve the dispense quality of beer as well as reduce the overall workload in your facility.

Rasons to out source beer line cleaning

Making the choice to outsource line cleaning can be a significant one but choosing the right beer line cleaning operator can be a great way to protect your establishments reputation, reduce operation costs, and improve energy and waste efficiency by taking advantage of the professionalism and processes adopted by companies such as Clear Brew. Here they highlight some of the reasons why outsourcing can be beneficial.

1 – The price is right for outsourcing Beer Line Cleaning

Making the choice to outsource your beer line cleaning will change your bottom line in a number of significant ways. First, there are immediate benefits as a professional line cleaning service like Clear Brew can cut down cleaning time while increasing what actually gets done. Similarly, Clear Brew will have more optimal pricing on equipment, supplies, and other goods. Finally, the costs of recruiting, screening, hiring, training, and administration are all cut. The time and cost of all these administrative actions as well as paying for healthcare and employee holidays are all eradicated as it is a Clear Brew technician that will take on the role.

2 – Value is key, and outsourcing cleaning adds value

A professional line cleaning company such as Clear Brew are responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of all their supplies and equipment. They have the purchasing power and scale to get value for each purchase and upgrade allowing them to use better products, better equipment, all that deliver quality, efficiency and value to you the customer.

3 – No need to use employees to line clean that were not initially hired for the role

If you shift cleaning responsibility to employees that were hired for something else to manage your cleaning, you will find that often work goes unfinished, is poorly done, or that employee turnover rates increase. Having your employees manage the, often onerous task of line cleaning will almost always result in unhappy employees and unclean beer lines. The person hired for carrying out bar work often has no interest in cleaning beer lines. Not only will the work most certainly suffer, morale will take a direct hit, leading to high staff turnover rates.

4 – Management intensive duties are wasting your time

Choosing to outsource your line cleaning service will reduce work for you. When you switch the responsibility of staffing, training, maintaining standards, finding supplies, and equipment repair among many other time consuming tasks becomes those of your Clear Brew technician, therefore allowing you to put your time, focus and attention were it is needed most.

5 – Unnecessary waste is minimised

By its very nature the line cleaning process can be a wasteful process and nothing can be more disheartening than pulling pints, only for them to be poured down the drain! A professional line cleaning service such as Clear Brew, will help to mitigate these losses without compromising on quality. Using no electricity, no gas and a reduced frequency schedule, they guarantee to save you money, thus making your outsourcing decision a straightforward one.

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Reasons to outsource your beer line cleaning

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