Reduce costs: 3 ways to save money at your pub, hotel, restaurant or bar

As energy costs continue to rise, we have put together some tips to help you save money. Here are 3 ways in which you can reduce costs at your pub, hotel, restaurant or bar.
  1. Ensure your appliances are energy efficient.
    The Morning Advertiser suggests that changing to lower wattage bulbs, installing smart switches and being conscious of when appliances are used will help to make savings. Although buying new more efficient appliances can be an expense, it can also help to save money in the long term. We have a range of affordable warewashing and ice machine products available for those looking to update their appliances.
  2. Research energy suppliers and contract options
    According to The Morning Advertiser, EDF have advised businesses to look at their tariffs. Signing a fixed term contract can look more expensive however it can also provide a more stable price over a certain time. (Whilst researching contracts, EDF advises to always check the terms and conditions).
  3. Make savings with the Clear Brew beer line cleaning service
    If you haven’t already, simply switching to Clear Brew can help you make significant savings. Potential savings include a 66% reduction in beer wastage and a 70% reduction in the water and chemical used. We also pride ourselves on being 100% energy efficient. No gas or additional electricity is used during the beer line cleaning process. This all contributes to a 60% reduction in costs.

Contact us for further information on the Clear Brew beer line cleaning service or any warewashing products.

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