Save money with these top cellar management tips

Reducing costs is a priority for many in the hospitality industry. So, to help, we have put together a few top cellar maintenance tips that will help you reduce waste and save money.

Protect your beer quality to avoid pouring away your profits

An inadequate cellar environment can cause fobbing which ultimately results in beer being wasted in the drip tray.

CASE STUDY: A bar with 10 taps is selling beer for £4.50 a pint. One drip tray, per tap is filled each day due to fobbing. The landlord is losing £3.37 per tap, per day (based on the average drip tray holding 75% of a pint). This equates to an extortionate £12,300 of wasted beer each year!

Carrying out simple daily tasks such as checking the cellar temperature is between 11ᵒC and 13ᵒC can help protect the quality of your beer and ensure you consistently serve perfect pints. Maintaining top cellar hygiene standards will also help to protect beer quality and prevent waste.

Turning off dispense gases at the end of the day not only reduces risk if there is a leak overnight, but it also reduces the chance of kegged products becoming over-carbonated. Ultimately, adding this to your routine at the end of the day could contribute to reducing beer waste and saving money.

Implement a basic cellar check routine

Carrying out a few basic cellar checks at the start and end of the day can help save money. For example, the cellar cooler should be run continuously as turning it off is actually a false economy. The units use a lot more energy to get the cellar back to the correct running temperature and are placed on constant unnecessary strain. To keep it running efficiently, it is important to check that the blades of the fan and grills are not blocked as this can increase running costs.

Although the cellar should be vented for 10 minutes in the morning, keeping the cellar door shut will help protect the equipment and ensure the correct temperature is maintained. Coolers have to work hard when there are differentiations in temperatures, which can add to your energy costs.

Switch to Clear Brew, The Beer Line Cleaning Professionals

At Clear Brew, our specialised beer line cleaning kit allows us to operate on a 3-weekly cycle. This, alongside our top of the range beer line cleaning solution, results in a service that is guaranteed to not only improve the quality of your draught products, but also reduce ullage and save your venue money.

We have now made it even easier for you to see how much you are saving by using the Clear Brew service. In addition to providing you with any updates related to your cellar, our new cellar reporting app enables you to view the ullage, water, labour, and chemical savings you are making on each clean as well as on an annual basis. Not only does this help you to keep track of savings, but it also allows you to see that your cellar is being well maintained and managed.

Our service also includes a useful bar to cellar maintenance pack. As part of this, we provide a cellar checklist to help you ensure a consistent routine is carried out.

For more information on any of our top tips, contact us today!

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