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Hotel’s need to cover all aspects of their customer service to meet new demands

Whether planning a leisure trip or staying overnight for business purposes, a hotel is a much-needed place to relax after a long day of travelling, working or exploring. In order to cater for their customers at the highest level, hotels have worked hard to increase the standard of cleanliness in their rooms, communal areas and provide excellent customer service. This ensures that when a customer visits a hotel, their initial thoughts are often that it appears clean and polished. All these efforts can be quickly wasted however when that hotel receives reviews about some other aspect of their service, such as the beer they serve.

“Had a lovely stay at the XXXXX, rooms were clean and comfortable and the staff very helpful however did decline to drink at the bar as the beer tasted a little off, so we popped down to the local pub for some food and drink” Tripadvisor, 2017 West Sussex Hotel.

A hotel’s service is only as strong as its weakest link. This potentially weak link can be found within the unclean beer lines lurking in the cellar. This is seldom an intentional neglect but more to do with a lack of understanding or indeed trained staff, to carry out this important task. In the same way a hotel outsources many aspects of its operations, the task of beer line cleaning can also be carried out by a third party and in a way that is designed to both save costs and improve dispense quality.

The Clear Brew Process

Clear Brew offer an effective and efficient beer line cleaning service that has national recognition and experience within the hotel services industry. All their technicians are fully trained using the same methods and operate their own business franchise, thereby guaranteeing consistently high quality cleans and a personal level of customer service. They provide an initial clean and cellar survey, completely free of charge and offer non-committal on going regular line cleaning services (there are no contract tie ins). They will assess the bar and agree with you on how to move forward, so that you can ensure the beer you sell is at its ultimate dispense quality, thereby keeping your customers happy. They will eliminate the need to hold stocks of chemical on site (they provide all chemicals) and in doing so prevent any associated health and safety issues for staff and customers. They will also ensure a regular three weekly cycle, relieving you of the burden of organising and training in house staff to carry out this often onerous task.

Visit us at the Hotel 360 Expo

In less than one-week Clear Brew will be attending the Hotel 360 Expo in London. Over the 18th and 19th September the Clear Brew team will be ready and waiting to explain how they can assist the hotel industry by saving money, reducing waste whilst maintaining that all important dispense quality. In the morning day transparency, no-one wants their establishment to be subjected to poor reviews because of the quality of the beer they dispense. To find out more, catch us on stand 437!

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