Striking gold: our journey to winning Best Technology and Innovation

We are thrilled to be the winner of Best Technology and Innovation at the QFA’s Virtual Franchising Awards 2023! Here is a quick overview of our journey and how we have adopted certain technology to improve communication between ourselves, as a franchise network, and customers.

Franchise Award 2023

Our journey

Whether overcoming challenges associated with inflation, staff shortages, or simply an issue with dispense quality, we have been dedicated to helping licensed premises continue to operate smoothly through our beer line cleaning business model. Our labour inclusive system comprises of a specialised water fed mixing unit, that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with natural energy inhibitor technology and market leading chemicals. This results in a service that is guaranteed to save money, reduce waste and improve the quality of draught products. We also use an ATP machine which allows us to verify our work and demonstrate that our cleaning process meets high standards.

The Clear Brew franchise model was launched in 2012 and we welcomed our first franchisee in the same year. Alan, who operates in the Taunton & Bristol region, completed his training in Cornwall before returning home with the knowledge and skills needed to run the business successfully in his area. He remains a successful franchisee to this day, and we have an ever-expanding network, now covering over 50% of the UK. This success has led to the Clear Brew brand being recognised as the UK’s leading independent beer line cleaning company.


Clear Brew AppInnovating and adapting to change

Here at Clear Brew, we have launched an app to allow our franchise network to communicate clearly and easily with customers. The customer is able to view the ullage, water, labour, and chemical savings they are making on each clean. Alongside this, they will see that standards are being maintained within the cellar, all associated equipment is being cleaned and checked, and any possible concerns have been highlighted. The Clear Brew service combined with the cellar reporting app allows our customers to be confident that their beer, bar, and cellar are being well maintained and managed. Further to this, it allows groups to view and manage full site visit reports from head office and see the exact savings they are making by using the Clear Brew service.


A year of growth

As a franchisor we are passionate, dedicated, and believe in the business model we offer. We are consistently exploring ways to enrich the benefits and support we offer the franchisees. With new franchisees regularly coming on board, we will continue to develop the business, innovate, and be a strong support system for both our customers and franchise network.

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