Sustainability in the Cellar

The Beer Line Cleaners whose environmental efforts are not just a passing phase.

At the recent PUB20, there were representatives and stakeholders from all aspects of the pub industry. Many of them gathered around the floor’s theatre, which housed a forum, where various representatives from the pub industry sat and discussed the changing trends within the industry. In this talk show format, various pub group operators and owners, sat and explained how they were adapting their business models to suit changing market trends. What was very apparent is that the drive towards greater sustainability was very much near the top of the scale in terms of importance.

Many of us have heard the word sustainability and pub operators are now adapting the way in which they do things in order to both take a conscientious stance themselves but also in response to increasing customer demands. It is now more important than ever before, whether it’s making responsible choices when sourcing ingredients, using plastic free straws or taking steps within the establishment to reduce the carbon footprint.

Contrary to the belief that being more sustainable costs money, there are some bottom-line benefits to taking a more environmental governing stance, such as unplugging ice machines, reducing unnecessary water use e.g. not using the glasswasher until it is full and generally being more carbon aware.

One company that, by default, offers a far greater means of carrying out beer line cleaning in a more sustainable way is Clear Brew. Operating since 2006 they now have National coverage in the form of a franchise network and their proven cleaning methods certainly tick the boxes when it comes to environmental sustainability. In using a proven three weekly cleaning cycle, they reduce the normal water use in the cleaning process by 66%. They use no CO2 and utilise a natural energy source to ensure that yeast in the lines remains buoyant during the three-weekly cycle thus eliminating the need for that constant flow of electricity that many of the automated systems now require. Venues who use them not only see a reduction in the amount of ullage waste but also enjoy the added benefits of being able to promote the fact that they are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The many positive reviews they have also demonstrates that the service in no way compromises on the quality of beer dispensed, and in many cases, improves the quality, thus leading to greater bar sales.

They appreciate there are still ways in which they can improve what they do, so they strategically plan all of their visits in order to reduce road miles and are continuing to negotiate with their suppliers to look at ways in which they can address the issue of plastic chemical containers.

At Clear Brew they are fully aware of the challenges facing the pub industry and fully aware that being more sustainable can sometimes come at a cost. They are more than happy to visit any venue and demonstrate, FREE OF CHARGE, exactly how their system works and how it can not only save money but make small steps towards helping make every establishment reduce their carbon footprint.

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