I have been using Clear Brew at The York for several months and can’t recommend this company enough. Just hearing our customers comment on how good the pints are is so satisfying. We recently took over the Apple and Parrot on Torquay harbour and within 24 hours of having the keys, I was on the phone to these guys to sort our new place out. Already, great comments are coming in. Thank you so much for your great work.

Keith Byron

Landlord - Torquay

I love this service. Running a pub single handed, I simply do not have the time to give up a morning cleaning the pipes. Simon and the team have been a life saver. Really reliable and all for a very reasonable price. Well worth the money.

Louise Rollason

Licensee - Merton

From day 1 of using Clear Brew we have had compliments on the taste of our draughts with many stating that they are crisper and taste much better. Not only this, but we are making substantial savings which is being used to help with our future refurbishments. We have also gained valuable time to complete other jobs by having someone else to do our cleans. Furthermore they take care of everything from Health & Safety Risk assessments to COSHH and if we should have any problems they are always at the end of the line to help.


Community Centre, Plymouth

We have been using Alan to clean our beer lines for a year now, providing a reliable service that relieves us of any concerns with the quality of beer we provide. We are very happy customers

Heather Swanson

Publican, Taunton

The Clear Brew service has saved the club in excess of £8000 over the past year, a very welcome addition to the club funds


Bar Manager, Rugby Club

Clear Brew is a brilliant service that is perfect for all licensed venues operating within today’s market.. decided to try it out; within the first week I received compliments on my draughts! Then over the next months the savings were as clear as my lines. I immediately saved on ullage, water, gas and cleaning chemicals, also the time saved by not having to do it myself every week…a great saving!”


Publican, Helston

The first thing I would complement about Clear Brew is the level of service and having a point of contact. Not only does the service save money and wastage but also provides a much better quality product that leaves the customer happy. I would like to congratulate David personally on his efforts and wish him all the best. He always goes out of his way to ensure the customer is satisfied and I can say I’m very


Clear Brew provides us with an excellent service. Not only saving us money and time but more importantly enabling us to serve our customers with confidence. David will always arrange a suitable time, in advance, to carry out the line cleaning, enabling our business to operate as normal. We now use Clear Brew at all our sites and would highly recommend them.


Proprietor, Hampshire

Having inherited David’s services after my appointment as General Manager I was naturally inquisitive of Clear Brew’s function within our busy operation. David is hugely knowledgeable and approachable and was able to prove his company’s value to me and our cellar in a very short space of time. We have quite a challenging cellar location and recently had a full strip out and subsequent new installation. David contributed to the planning of this. However, upon inspecting the old python of 10 years plus, found the lines to be literally spotless. Though, I would not have expected anything less! I can highly recommend David and Clear Brew.


Hotel, Basingstoke

We have been listed in the Good Beer Guide for all of our 24 years ownership at the Uplawmoor Hotel, East Renfrewshire.
I must admit to having been very sceptical about maintaining our beer quality using an external company. However as I was absent from the business for a two year period it made sense and also gave commercial savings on waste, as we had previously been cleaning weekly. Jim has diligently looked after things at the hotel on a set 3 weekly visit pattern and our regular customers were not aware of any change of procedures behind the scenes during or since the changeover period in 2014.

I am pleased to say our Real Ale sales are going very well from local  Kelburn Brewery, and we are listed in the 2016 Camra Good Beer Guide as normal. I trust this is of suitable reassurance and would be happy to recommend the Clear Brew beer line cleaning company.


Hotel Manager

I have been a landlord for over 20 years now, and although I had heard of similar systems being used I wasn’t 100% convinced of their reliability. So when I was approached with the Clear Brew concept I wasn’t really interested and was quite happy with what I was doing.

If for nothing more than curiosity, I listened as I was talked through the Clear Brew process, finding myself becoming intrigued when learning of the saving potential that Clear Brew claimed to offer whilst guaranteeing product quality. What made this more appealing was the free clean offer that required no contract to be signed or commitment from myself. Had it not been for this offer I probably would have passed on the whole idea but, as it was there and there was a no risk factor I thought I’d at least give them a try. See if they were indeed as good as their word. 3 years on and they still continue to surprise me.


Proprietor - Paignton

Fantastic service! It’s a super cost effective service that over the last 3 years has not only reduced our costs, it has maintained a quality that has exceeded my expectations. With continuous compliments from our customers it’s a service that I can trust and rely on.


Publican- Torquay

I was initially sceptical about the service offered by Alan, but the free trial and the fact there was no contract made it worth a try as I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a whirl and have now been using Alan for over a year; the quality of the beer has been great, crystal clear with no fobbing. The wastage has been greatly reduced and I am very happy with the quality of service provided. The thorough cleaning and use of inhibitors provide the results promised

Paul Sturmey

Proprietor, Taunton

I wanted to write to you to congratulate the work that Ian and yourself do for cleaning our lines in the Perranporth Inn. When we took over the pub 6 months ago this pub had a very low turnover. We have used your services from the start and have received excellent feedback from our customers. Word seems to be getting around on the quality of our product and turnover has increased dramatically. People are now travelling to us to enjoy our real ale and we have won back the locals. They tell us that we serve the best ale, lager and cider in town

Tim and Tracey Marsden

Proprietors, Cornwall

A good and friendly service, not only saves my time and energy but saves the company serious money.”


Proprietor, Plymouth

We have been delighted with the both the service provided and the financial benefits of the Clear Brew system in the sites you undertake beer line cleaning on our behalf.

I would have no hesitation recommending their services.

Stephen Evans

Chief Executive Carrwood Ltd



We have been using Clear Brew for over a year now and our results are brilliant. Waste reduced, Profit increased, Quality improved. Everything we could have hoped for.


Proprietor, Basingstoke

We have been using Clear Brew in our Pub/Restaurants for the past year. They are efficient, reliable and an added asset to our business. They help to maintain the high quality of our beers, lagers and ciders, keeping the lines clean and reducing wastage.

After 35 years in the Drink and Catering industry this is without doubt the best method of maintaining high quality drinks to the customer. We highly recommend Clear Brew.

Landlord, Petersfield

We have being using Clear Brew for for a year now and they have been nothing but professional and efficient. It’s been great not to having worry about cleaning the pipes. One of our pubs has also won CAMRA Forth Valley North “Pub of the Year” during that time, so they must be doing a good job!


Hospitality Group

The Royal Motor Yacht Club has used the Clear Brew line cleaning system for six months and have been very pleased with the service and quality of beer we are able to provide our membership.  Initially we had doubts about a 3 week line cleaning regime but have been surprised to note that the taste of the beers and lagers are the same on day 1 as they are on day 20.  This reduced cleaning has allowed us to save on staff time, product wastage and to reduce our environmental footprint


Yacht Club Proprietor

I have recommended you and your service as feed-back from my customer’s has been exceptional, they are benefiting from time savings and financially benefiting from the cost savings on the wastage, some are actually selling more beer as a result which is fantastic to hear!


Claire , Supplier Rep


Supplier Rep