The Beer Line Cleaning Company doing its bit to save water

R Young August 2018


Water, water, everywhere or not as the case may be. Recent drought conditions in many parts of the UK have once again bought to the fore the importance of saving water. Hose pipe bans and media coverage, all help in raising public awareness of the need to save water but these are often seen as reactionary measures to the ongoing issue of dwindling supplies.

One company helping the beer industry to do their bit are Clear Brew Ltd. Their beer line cleaning service promotes using interval cycles to all establishments that serve beer through dispense systems. This is a breakaway from the traditional methods of the weekly line clean but to put client’s minds at rest, Clear Brew guarantee to maintain the dispense quality of the beer and in doing so make significant savings for their clients. One of these savings is in direct water usage, but exactly what does this equate to in terms of numbers.

Clear Brew’s data collection through flow meters has demonstrated that the average weekly clean, uses approximately 100 litres of water (based upon data taken from 1000 outlets) which equates to 5,200 litres per year. Clear Brew carry out 3 weekly cleaning cycles resulting in water usage of 2,625 litres per year (based on 17.5 cleans), an average water saving of 2,575 litres per annum. Whilst this does have an obvious monetary value for each establishment, what is more pleasing is the impact this has on preserving water supplies for the planet.

What does this saving mean in real terms to individuals? NHS Choices suggests that, “In climates such as the UK’s, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated.” So those establishments using the three weekly interval cycles are helping provide enough water for one individual to drink for nearly six years!!!!!

Keep the water flowing Clear Brew and a big well done to all their clients helping to save the planet

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