The Importance of Beer Line Cleaning for sports and social clubs

How many committee meetings up and down the country have items on the agenda regarding how to save costs and make savings? Many come up with ideas regarding bottom line costs, e.g. reducing energy usage, saving on water, cleaning less often but this often compromises the service they provide. How many consider reducing the waste associated with the beer line cleaning and in doing ensure they make significant savings whilst maintaining dispense quality, therefore reducing their chances of losing dissatisfied customers but also enhancing the chances of gaining new ones.

In real terms many committees often ignore the costs of cleaning the beer lines and the waste associated with carrying out the traditional weekly cleans. The majority of clubs are able to keep allowances to below 3% of the bar take which can often increase to 5% (R H Jeffs and Rowe) when the cellar is some distance from the dispense pumps. This 5% equates to one pint in every 20 sold being poured down the drain!

Generally, the incumbent bar steward is completely aware of the need to regularly clean the beer lines, keg couplers and nozzles, as failure to do so can have a negative impact on taste, resulting in increased waste and potential loss of members and bar takings. There are also occasions when committee members take it in turns to carry out this rather specialised task therefore leading to inconsistencies in the cleaning process.

One company that provide an alternative, are Clear Brew, one of the UK’s leading independent specialised beer line cleaning companies. Their team of expert technicians operate as independent franchisees, each running their own businesses from all regions up and down the country. They are all trained using tried and proven methods and are proud to turn up at your establishment wearing their Clear Brew uniform and ready to fit their portable mixing machine to any line cleaning system. They use leading chemicals, technology and specialist expertise, enabling them to increase the cleaning cycle to three weeks. This trusted system, alongside the first rate customer service, provides a cleaning service that not only becomes an extra pair of eyes within the bar and cellar environment but also guarantees dispense quality, ensuring the beer you serve tastes as it should do. They are so confident in their ability to help your bar save money, they provide an initial FREE clean and no ongoing contract, so you are not tied into something you don’t want. You will have your own dedicated technician who will ensure they work towards fully understanding the layout of your bar and the cellar and its maintenance requirements. Whilst you benefit from not having to devise a rota system to carry out the cleans yourself, they save water, use no CO2 or electricity and most importantly reduce the amount of beer being poured down the sink.



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