The real cost of carrying out your own beer line cleaning.

R Young Nov 2018

As I sit in the office carrying out detailed management accounting of our business and try to develop a sales and marketing strategy for the future, the window cleaner is expertly plying his trade by ensuring the office windows are spotlessly clean. He completes his tasks, has some friendly chat, leaves his invoice and bids farewell by saying, ‘same time next month’. To which I agree.

Whilst analysing the end of year accounts I give little regard to the costs of the window cleaning element of my business. You may wonder why, especially as it is a task I can carry out myself or get one of my staff to do. There are a variety of reason why I choose to employ the services of a professional.

  1. Professionalism and Expertise– they know what they are doing and do it to a standard over and above which I or my staff could achieve, added to this I do not have to arrange health and safety training or arrange for my staff to be trained in how to perform the task
  2. Opportunity Cost– If I carried out this and other similar tasks, it would take me away from the core elements of our business i.e. ensuring our customers are happy, our accounting practices are up to speed and we are following our objectives of future growth.
  3. Reliability– I know that the cleaner will turn up on time at a scheduled day each month, so I don’t have to rely upon any holiday cover or staff sickness.
  4. Equipment– they provide all the equipment needed to carry out the clean, including all the cleaning fluids. I really do not have to worry about a thing, they turn up, do their job and leave.

In real terms my decision to outsource this task, is in fact not costing me anything, it is saving me money for all the reasons listed above. Do you recognise the similarities when considering whether to carry out you own beer line cleaning? Clear Brew beer line cleaning company have national technicians who are all diligently trained to carry out the task for you and in doing so maintaining the dispense quality of the beer you serve. Not only can you gain comfort in the knowledge that the task is being carried out by reliable professionals, it also allows you to focus on the key elements of your business. Their first rate service comes with the added benefit of allowing your establishment to make significant savings through waste reductions, so in effect it costs you absolutely nothing. Like my window cleaner, they are so confident in what they do they do not tie you into any contracts and will come along and carry out a FREE clean, in order that you witness their expertise at first hand.

Either call 01209 219889 or visit their website for your FREE clean and trial.


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